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 Raiku Tsukiyomi(Meister)

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Raiku Tsukiyomi

Raiku Tsukiyomi

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PostSubject: Raiku Tsukiyomi(Meister)   Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:29 pm

Name: Raiku Tsukiyomi

Nickname: Moonlit Assassin

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Soul Number: 12


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance:

Description: Raiku stands at about 5'7 and looks a little too young for his age. On a normal day he wears a sea blue and white hoodie jacket that is zipped all the way up, black pants, and blue shoes. His eyes are a soft light blue color and his hair a natural black tint to it and falls to his mid neck. On any other occasion he wears a tan sleeveless shirt and purple training pants with black shoes. On his back is a normal training sword in which he carries everywhere with him.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135
Eye color: Light Blue

Defining Marks:


Mental State

Personality: Raiku can be defined as many things- Reckless, Calm, Shy or even outgoing, but in reality he is just simple to understand. When around the opposite sex or women he really knows, he can be quite talkative or even more of a ladies man, which is an understatement because he is often shy around them. Outgoing and a good guy to be around, whenever it comes to a battle situation, he is quick to find out everything he needs to know and quickly jump into action. Risking his life for others is something he is commonly known for, but it is something he is also praised for.

Mentality: Sane




This story takes place at the boring ass age of three years old in the eyes of Raiku. At the age of three, Raiku was home schooled by his mother who was originally a meister, married to a Death Scythe. During his small time of home schooling, young Raiku had been working on his future entrance exams into the DMWA, so he could follow in the footsteps of his mother. As the years past on and Raiku became 10, he was being trained by his father on how to use a weapon properly instead of flinging it around like a barbaric idiot. At first he was so terrible that his father laughed at him, but over time he became an exceptional swordsmen

Teenage years:

Now the age of fifteen, Raiku had been enrolled into the DMWA, on the way to find his partner and eventually his own Death Scythe. Unfortunately, he was unaware that everyone else had a partner except from him. Although he had his training sword on him, he felt like the outcast of the whole school. Occasionally he would talk to some of the other meisters to see what is was like to have a partner, but on the inside he felt a little jealous.

Sample Rp



Shinji and his team were sent on a mission to infiltrate an enemy base and recover some intel that was stolen from the village. His task was simple get in, get the intel and get out. Shinji knew what he was doing and was going to complete his goal no matter what with no casualties. As they neared the enemy base shinji noticed a couple of guards standing outside,' There are two guards on the northern side and two on the walls", he said to his team leader. She nodded at the other two, signaling them to take them out stealthfully. As his teammates started their attack they were seen by a patrol that shinji did not notice." Change of plans we are going to have to break in there and take the intel by force now go", his teacher said as she readied her weapon to attack, Shinji simply nodded and said," yes ma'am", as he dashed towards the front guards unsheathing the nodachi, quickly making work of the two guards.

As he got into the base, the number of hostiles constantly increased the more he sliced up until suddenly he was surrounded." Oh man i did not see this coming at all. I need to think of something quick or else it over for me', Shinji said as he tried to quickly think of something fast. As he closed his eyes, he felt like something was happening to him, as he opened his eyes his vision was different as if he eyes had transformed. His senses had suddenly became sharp and he could see the enemy make a move even though he did not move yet." What the hell was that", he thought shaking his head getting back into the fight. The first bandit moved exactly as he saw it and shinji quickly reacted and cut his arm off. He did not know what had happened but he liked it, he looked at another bandit as he was running at him, attempting to attack from the side," It's like i can see their movements before they move and i can hear their movements as soon as they move, what is this power that i am using", He though as he quickly made work of the remaining bandits and started to move to where the intel should have been.

As he finally gets to his destination, he sees a man standing behind a desk. The man looked like he knew how to fight, but that did not bother him at all." You have two choices- either give me the intel you stole or die, its your choice so make this easier on yourself", Shinji said resting his hand on his sword. The bandit leader simply laughed and said," Foolish boy do you really think i am intimidated by you because you wiped out a couple of henchmen, you are going to need all the help you can get, those eyes may have intimidated my men but not me", The leader said getting up picking up a weapon from behind the desk. Shinji took only a moment to look at his eyes which had looked like a black star. As he looked up he was kicked out of the room by the leader and hit the wall with a thud." That hurt... alot maybe i should stop getting sidetracked," Shinji said as he pulled himself out of the wall. The weaved the handsigns for the shadow clone technique. As all of them unsheathe their swords, two of the clones rushed forward, while shinji made the hand signs for the Mumiyo Jinpu Ryu, rushing towards the door. As he got to the door he saw one of his clones being choked until it exploded into smoke." Hmph looks like that isnt the real you lets see if this one is", the leader said looking at the other clone. Shinji took this as the perfect opportunity to use the technique now, so he quickly jumped up and sliced the man from his back down dropping him ot his knees. " should have taken the easy way dumbass", shinji said as he drove his sword through the mans back watching his body drop. As he sheathed his sword he looked around for the intel and found the scroll amonst a pile of gold." Finally after all of the distractions i finally found the target. He slowly limped out of the base looking at his teammates," dont say anything i got what we came for now lets go", he said walking back to the village....

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PostSubject: Re: Raiku Tsukiyomi(Meister)   Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:40 pm

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Raiku Tsukiyomi(Meister)
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