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PostSubject: Meister Shikyo   Meister Shikyo EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 12:24 pm

Name: Shikyo

Nickname: Shiki

Alias: Hell's Meister

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance:

Standing at a full five feet and six inches and weighing only one hundred and twenty-four pounds, Shikyo's body is tall but slender. Her body shape is a curvy. The young woman's eyes a a soft brown but when happy or just in the right lighting, they turn to a lightly golden hue which looks phenomenal with her slightly tanned skin. The girl's hair reaches down her her waist with is brown color and smooth texture, which is normally tied at the bottom in order to keep it from getting in her face during training or practice.

Though she may not look it, most of Shikyo's body is muscle. Her body structure helps her to move gracefully with every step. This also goes with her constant proper posture. Her clothing style shows this about her body. Wearing a simple black dress with a low cut top and a while line on the edge of her dress which reaches her mid-thigh. Her legs, up to her knees, is covered by a white knee-high stocking and a pair of simple black shoes cover her feet. On the top her of head there is a black bow that she seems to wear daily.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 124
Eye color: Brown/Yellow

Defining Marks: The female has a stitching on the front of her neck which she covers with a black collar.


Mental State

Personality: Sikyo is the type of female to believe that etiquette is needed in every society. She is proper and polite no matter who you are, even her opponents. The young woman is also very manipulative. Her style of clothing and the way she speaks shows this. She has no problem manipulating someone that she finds inferior, which is most people that come her way.

The only people she will see as equal are those that are those that are compatible with her, have proper etiquette and can show respect. Those who meet these requirements will have one of the most loyal friends they can turn to. Toward these people, Shikyo will treat them as equals and even treat them as a friend. There have been very few people at which she has been able to be so with and she doesn't plan on changing that.

Mentality: When in a good mood, Shikyo is a very calm and sane person, bent on having order and proper etiquette at all times. However, when in battle, she tends to want to do more to cause her opponent any sort of pain and suffering, pushing her into a more insane person. This is why her partner normally ends up either exactly like her in battle or the EXACT opposite.


Childhood: Within her younger years, Shikyo had already entered the academy with a strong determination to make a death scythe. Due to her being in the academy, she was sent off by Lord Death as a mission to find the source for two humans being killed and souls left in the streets. The young girl had agreed to it, though she had no weapon of complete use just yet.

As she came into contact with the one that had killed the two humans, she gazed at his soul, seeing the young man was a weapon and a pretty good one at that. Not only did she see this, but she also saw that she, herself, was compatible with the young man. For about an hour, she tried to convince him that he was a weapon but when he at first did not believe her, her attempted to attack her. She didn't panic just halted him and convinced him to join her in the academy.

Early Teen: With having a new student join the academy, and ended up becoming her new partner, Shikyo made sure to work him to the bone. It wasn't out of anger but merely to make him the best. Daily, Shikyo and her partner who went by the name of Genocide, worked and collected Kishin souls. Some willing but most of them by force. As the girl spent time with the male, she felt a connection with the male and soon counted him as a dear friend.

After some time, however, Shikyo and Genocide had to collect a witch soul. It was slightly difficult due to Genocide being such a pervert constantly with his meister, getting constantly scolded by her for every attempt he made. When it came to hunting a witch down, it was simple. Just find the magical girls with skimpy outfits. It didn't help that this was true with Genocide being a pervert but Shikyo normally worked with it.

With fighting the witch, Shikyo only got aggravated with Genocide's constant flirting and perverted comments to the witch. However, it seemed to distract her and only made the job easier. As Genocide suggested they used the Witch Hunter, the young meister had agreed and they tried it. Within the last moment, the Which Hunter was used and killed the witch, leaving Genocide to eat her soul. His perverted comment on her being cute made Shikyo aggravated as she rolled her eyes.

Entering Adulthood: Now without a partner, Shikyo congratulated her old partner and moved on. She knew she would be paired with a new partner and could strive toward becoming an A Ranked Meister. When it came to such a thing, the girl gained the nickname "Hell's Meister" after some time of causing chaos within the classroom due to being unwilling to work with many people without first torturing them.

Sample Rp
Through the dark nights within death city, there is always someone or something roaming the streets. The night swept over the quiet town as a young woman left her home. Her eyes a soft gold as she placed her hands behind her back and smirked lightly. Her eyes looked from left to right before she took a left turn and began walking down the street.

The female was looking for something to do as she roamed the streets, looking for a good location to watch something occur. Her movements remained fluid and graceful with each passing step with the moon laughing with its luminosity overhead. A light smile came over the girl's lips as she watched the sky. "Such a beautiful night. Truly outstanding. Such peace and tranquility. If only this is how the city always was." She said to herself as she turned down an ally.

With this, she saw a large figure shifting in the shadows. It seemed that the figure was hovering over a body, a corpse of a young woman that had not realized where she had gone and ended up as the monster's next meal. The damned soul stood and looked over at Shikyo, it's tongue hanging from its mouth as it looked her over.

"My... You're very lovely... Just good enough TO EAT!" the damned soul shouted as he launched itself at Shikyo. The girl only smirked as she stepped to the left and lifted her knee, hitting the creature in the gut before it fell over. It took all of five minutes of the yong woman playing with the creature before it was out of energy. She pulled out a knife, which she had left tucked away within her thigh-high stockings. "You poor thing... I'm sorry that I'm more than you had expected... You see, I'm merely..." She spoke softly as she stabbed the knife within the damned soul's skull, killing it.
"One hell of a meister..."

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PostSubject: Re: Meister Shikyo   Meister Shikyo EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 12:35 pm

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