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 Kaea Rose - Meister

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Kaea Rose

Kaea Rose

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PostSubject: Kaea Rose - Meister   Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:36 pm

Name: Kaea Cee Rose

Nickname: Kae, C

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance:

Description: Kaea has perfect, flawless milky skin and striking, almost glowing light blue eyes that match the perfect summer day's sky. Her hair is jet black with dark purple streaks and the bangs are cut straight across her forehead. Kaea's hair is about to her waist and usually has a red ribbon in it. She has light, rose pink lips and her body figure is slim, but not super-super skinny. Her eyes rarely hold an overly cheerful expression.

Height: 6'1''
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye color: Blue :P

Defining Marks: The girl has a long, dark pink scar that runs down the small of her back. She also has a tattoo of a blue rose on her left inner forearm, crawling from the very edge of her palm to just below her elbow.


Mental State

Personality: Kaea is basically a quiet and mature girl for her age. She rarely trash talks or says anything insulting. Until, that is, you make her angry... When Kae is angry then you will regret ever even talking to her that day. She turns into a cold and cruel girl until she believes that the person has had enough punishment. Kaea sometimes drifts off into her own little world and talks to herself. Or a mirror of herself. It's a little complicated.

The girl usually doesn't talk to people, and they in turn don't talk to her. Her anti-social-ness is the cause for her having little to no friends and she is quite okay with that. Kaea knows that she will talk to her partner, though it would probably only be about soul collecting. With her fantastic luck she would probably get a boy for a partner.

Kaea in front of boys is a little different than normal Kaea. She starts to get a little nervous and sometimes even stutters a little. She will begin to fidget with her hands and the hem of her clothes. If she is being talked to by a boy, Kaea will most likely shut down until the boy found her weird and walked away.

In conclusion, Kae is actually a nice girl when you get to know her. she can sometimes be a little crazy, but then again, who isn't. Kaea secretly hates to be ignored and it hurts her deeply. She has fragile feelings sometimes, despite her cool and calm demeanour.

Mentality: Slightly insane, but mostly keeps it together.



Childhood - AGES - 0-12

The first six years of Kaea's life was great. Perfect, even. She had a loving family and loving friends. Her family was wealthy and her father was a Meister, like she was also destined to become. She couldn't wait and even made a little toy weapon to practice with. Her mother and father were very proud of her and knew that she would become a fantastic Meister. Then, at age seven, the little girl's mother got sick. Really sick. Kaea wouldn't leave her bedside and she did everything that she was told, because she thought it would make her mom better. She prayed every night to try and make her better, but she only got worse.

Soon, Kae's mom had passed away and for the following four years, the girl was completely and utterly silent. She lost all of her friends slowly and her father became very worried for her. He quickly enrolled her into the academy at age 11, hoping to get her spirits up and so she could make more friends and try to be happy. The plan was only a minor success, though she did start to speak a bit more once she began to learn about the responsibilities and such that was needed in order to become a great Meister. Kaea was a fast learner and became a Meister quickly and easily.

Teenage Years - AGES - 12-PRESENT

Her first partner was a girl called Nudge. She was light skinned, as Kaea was, and she had white hair and soft green eyes. The two girls became close immediately, though it surprised both her and her father. The two of them were the perfect team (Though sometimes they made a small mistake and lost all of their progress) and got along famously. They were almost like sisters. Nudge had been a Kyoketsu-shoge (a double edged blade, with another blade attached at 90 degrees to it. This is attached to 12-18 feet of chain, which then ends in a large metal ring) And Kaea soon found that she was fond with chain weapons.

Soon after the girls had both had their 14th birthdays, they decided to accept a major assignment. They swiftly found that it was deathly hard and though they tried hard in battle, Nudge ended up with a fatal wound and Kaea had received a long scar down her back from a scythe. Nudge died closely after and Kae retreated back to her anti-social self.

Sample Rp
Kaea was breathing hard as she looked in hatred with her cold blue eyes at the man in front of her. He was getting on her nerves and she was just about to give up. "Just a couple more minutes." Nudge urged with her melodious voice inside of Kaea's head. She nodded and gripped the handle of the bladed part of the weapon. She quickly threw the blade to the side with lots of force and then grabbed the ring and leaned back, pulling into a spin. The battle field was clear, so nothing interfered with the blade while the girl swung it around with all her weight.

She started moving towards the man and grinned in triumph when she struck his body. Then, she tried to pull the blade back to her. She cursed silently when the man grabbed the handle before she could pull Nudge back. He then swung his blade at the chain that was part of Nudge. The girl, in horror of might happen if her did that, returned to her human form. It was just what he was planning and he struck her down with the scythe, the blade running right through her small body. Kaea watched in shock, grief, and pure horror.

Then, the man stepped over Nudge's scarlet soaked body that now lay on the ground and ran at a fast speed towards the blue eyed girl that was only staring at her best friend. The man grinned as she swung his scythe at her back, causing extreme pain and her blood to run like liquid fire in her veins. Kaea quickly fell forwards in pain. The man, assuming she was dead, walked away laughing to himself. Sicko.. Kaea thought before passing out completely.

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Jay Sasori Gorgon
Jay Sasori Gorgon

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PostSubject: Re: Kaea Rose - Meister   Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:08 pm

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Kaea Rose - Meister
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