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 Ranking and Grouping Information

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PostSubject: Ranking and Grouping Information   Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:25 am

Hello Guest, You have decided to join the site, good for you. But you don't know how the grouping or even how the site works? Well we of the administration want to help you understand, My name is Genocide, Third in charge of the site, I'm here to help you understand how the information of the site is placed. I will begin with the following categories below. I hope you enjoy the site, and find this information very helpful thank you.

Soul Reapers | Weapons | Witches | Grim Reapers | Evil Humans | Souls | Were-Wolf

Soul Reapers: Soul reapers are known as a weapon meister, these are those who wield a soul that can turn into a weapon that is bladed, there are some weapons known to take shape of a gun, or other various weapons. These weapon meisters are given a job to slay 99 Kishin souls and one witch soul, to obtain the power of the death scythe for the Grim Reapers themselves. There are many types of Soul Reapers, those are those who are rouge, and do not work within the academy, and want a death scythe or weapon to them selves. Then there are those who are ranked in their levels, these are the ones who enroll in the academy and work to get their weapon to be a Death Scythe or Death Weapon. Ranking in the Soul Reapers are as followed.
  • C Class Reapers: These are those who are just beginners, or rather freshman if you will of the academy. They get the lowest of all missions, though they are beginners it's always the new ones who gain more knowledge.
  • B Class Reapers: These are those who are moderate soul reapers, they normally get the medium missions and are normally half way done with gaining the 100 which are used to obtain a death Scythe.
  • A Class Reapers: These are the advanced soul reapers who have nearly obtained all souls, or probably need to gain the witch soul, these soul reapers get the most advanced missions, to end their achievement of getting the weapon to be a death scythe or death weapon. They then move onto a next weapon, they are most likely to be legends at doing so, they either move to a new weapon or retire, mostly the A Class Reapers are teachers and students picked by the Head Master Him or Herself.

Weapons: Weapons are known as soul, that has the physical being of transforming into a weapon of a bladed sort or any other weapon. These are those who fight to gain, 100 souls to become a Death Scythe or Death Weapon. Then there are those who eat human souls, which will make them a demon weapon, or known as a keshin soul as well. The Following ranking for the weapons are as followed.
  • Regular Weapons: These are the weapons wielded by the academy, rouge, or most likely found about on their own fighting for their lives. Most of the time, for a regular weapon you need to have the right soul combination to even use them.
  • Demon Weapons: These are the weapons who ate actual human souls instead of the original 100 souls, these weapons are known to be legendary and unwield-able. They are categorized as a Kishin soul after eating 100 human souls.
  • Enchanted Weapons: The enchanted are weapons that will fuse with any user as long as they can stand up for their annoying acts. There have been known to be two Enchanted Weapons, Excalibur and Ragnorak. Though there might be more enchanted weapons, two is just enough...

Witches: A witch is a mystical creature who have been known to have the power of controlling and wielding the elements. They are said to be as strong as the grim reapers them self, this is why the grim reapers require the weapons to eat a witches soul, another being that the magic somehow triggers the reaction of all the souls combined together as a stronger source for the weapon, there are no known rankings for this group, they are what they are.

Grim Reapers: A grim reaper is a being who has unknown abilities, and can fuse with any weapon due to having no official soul combination. It is unknown but he grim reapers keep balance to the life and death situation of the world, there are several known grim reapers though only one is the most known, the Head Master of Shinigami Academy.

Evil Humans: Evil humans are the product of a normally pure being consuming a pure innocent human soul or, to be specific, a soul that is not a part of Shinigami-sama's wanted list. The end product is that the human's soul becomes corrupted and gains the urge to feed on more souls. Ultimately, this leads to them being hunted down by Meisters and killed before they become a Kishin. Evil humans are distinguished by their mostly abnormal appearances, their homocidal behaviour and their uniquely red souls with dark 'scales' on some parts of the surface once killed.

Souls: Souls are beings that have been killed in the past and are floating about in the area, there are two classifications of the souls. There are the Human souls and the Kishin Souls.
  • Human Souls: Human souls, are normal souls which were killed for some unknown reason, these souls are normally made by evil humans killing and consuming them. These souls can just as well eat other human souls much like an Evil Human and a Weapon can, they can also as well turn into a Kishin soul. It is said if you eat 100 human souls you turn into a kishin, which then turns into a evil human, confined as a kishin soul.
  • Kishin Soul: A kishin soul is a being that consumed 100 human souls, and became evil. It is the job of the Soul Reapers to dispose of this evil, the kishin were originally created by the Ragnarök weapon, though it was soon sealed into a child. Kishin souls, evolve into a Evil Human which is confined as a Kishin soul.

Ware-Wolf: A ware-wolf is a creature created by that of a testing, on a soul reaper of a kishin soul. Normally the ware-wolves want power and will do anything for it. It is unknown as to who made the Ware-Wolves currently but it is said they were either made by Stein or Medusa.
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Ranking and Grouping Information
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