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Bee X

Bee X

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PostSubject: Orange☆Star   Orange☆Star EmptySun Mar 31, 2013 1:58 pm

Name: Orange☆Star

Nickname: -

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Soul number 10


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance: Orange☆Star Orange12

Orange Star isn't your best dresser, he apparently where's the same clothes everyday. It's just that the only clothes he has is the same thing...Orange Star has his "Star Clan" mark on his right arm, just down from his shoulder. He tends to wear a sleeveless black shirt with black matching gloves. He has orange-ish brown hair, and a pair of goggles with that. He has brown leather pants, and a few times when it's raining he wears his dry green coat.
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 110 lb
Eye color: Bright Orange

Defining Marks: There is his "Star Clan", Star Mark labeled on his right arm from his shoulder.


Mental State

Personality: Orange Star is a infamous bastard, at his young age he still goes around spreading mischief. Like his assassin ancestors, he to shares a deep concern for battles and the pride of "being" or "becoming" stronger then anyone else. Orange Star indeed is a obnoxious child, but never has been exposed to a "dependent life". He has been independent ever since around the age of 6 on his birthday, Orange Star has always looked forward into becoming a Meister to prove to the other children down in his block that he was bit more then he barked. Till' this time Orange Star still has a big mouth; an obnoxious behavior.

Mentality: Sane.


Orange Star was a late survivor of the execution of the Star Clan, he was secretly given birth during a earlier time of place. At birth, his parents put him inside of a basket with fruit and hay covering over him down a river. Then his parents were found, and assassinated on spot. Orange Star drifted down that river, to the Center City. Where he was discovered by a rather old woman who had dulled sight, she had been a single child since she was young. Her family had been targeted and killed for the luxury, and she was the only survivor. Her dull sight caused her to not see Orange Star's symbol on his arm. The old woman was the manager of the only orphanage in the city.

Growing up with a woman who couldn't slap you, hardly didn't half of the stuff you pulled, and couldn't punish you was a paradise for Orange Star. He picked up reading and writing at the age of 3, still he couldn't write very well. He would tend to draw stars over walls and most of his paper work. The old woman would always go on about how his hair seemed orange, once again I'll state she had dulled sight. The old lady had given him the name of "Orange", but then she saw his clever star art. "Orange" thought that his name should be Orange Star. She was fine with it, for she was thinking the same thing.

On a sunny hot day, it was Orange Star's 6th birthday. It was meant to be a surprise, but Orange Star took advantage of it. The whole lights were off in the building, and Orange Star had just came back from gathering his first set of grocery's. He tried to turn on the light switch, but it didn't work. He thought the place had gone busted, and everyone ditched. Orange Star went to find a match and a lighter setting the mansion of fire from the back. As the flames extinguished, the old woman switched back on the generator. Orange Star, surprised, went to the front, pulling the fire alarm. The bells rung, many of the orphans began to leave. Soon, everyone was evacuated. Yet, Orange Star would be punished in the morning.

That next morning, when he was sentenced to be expelled from the orphanage and sent to another the old woman put on glasses she was able to buy from the profits of the orphanage. She nearly had a heart attack seeing the Star Clan print on his arm. She expelled Orange Star onto the streets of the Center City, but spared him from being executed. The boy was later discovered from a poor farmer family, where he spent most of his life pulling pranks and jokes on the animals there. He later grew up to the age he is now, following his old dream to becoming a meister. He became one to become stronger, and follow his old ambitions as he discovered in the past.

Sample Rp
Old Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Orange☆Star   Orange☆Star EmptySun Mar 31, 2013 5:53 pm

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