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 Tenshi-Grim Reaper

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PostSubject: Tenshi-Grim Reaper   Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:25 pm

Name: Tenshi(Angel)

Nickname: Angel, Death Angel, Kitten, Kat,Creep

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Soul number Grim Reaper scale- 4


Physical Information

Character Picture:
Soul Appearance:

Description: (Also have 1 to 2 paragraphs for description)
Weight:95 pounds
Eye color:Green

To give Tenshi a quick head to toe look over wouldn't take to long unless you get esily distracted by her cat like ears and tail that is, her body is small but clearly had a grate deal of power held up with in it......after all she just needs to find a way to focus her seemingly never ending energy supply. Starting at the top of her neatly carved face, her cheekbones set high but overly narrow. With large green oculars she could easily be classified as a doe eyed girl, along with her little button nose and thin pink lips. But her face at times can be covered by her long dark brown hair, falling to her waist it is an ideal weakness, and her choppy bangs fall randomly over her face. Holding her head to her small shoulders is a thin neck that appears easy enough to break attacked to her shoulders are her arms, thin but toned...Clearly not about to be to much of a push over.

Overall Tenshi has a small torso, her chest there isn't much to look at but does it really matter when looks really aren't going to save you in battle? Her waist is tight and much like everything else her hips are small attacked to her legs which hold most of her power, long and toned well they show that in order to brake her one would have to catch her first..Good luck with that.

Defining Marks: Cat ears, a tail. You know its not everyday you see that! Okay maybe it is.


Mental State

Personality: Tenshi seems to be a fairly childish individual, when it comes to her first impression on most people. Upon first glance the small female is most likely jumping off the walls and messing with anything she can get her hands on. A curious little cat indeed. The childish antics are what keep her from going crazy, after all the pressure of being a Grim Reaper isn’t something she is all to fond of seeing unlike others of her kind she wasn’t gifted with much raw talent. So she spends her days wondering the streets of death city, exploring every nook and cranny , and fallowing people she believes may entertain her.

There is another side to Tenshi that most don’t get to see, and that’s her serious side. Yes she does in fact have one. Normally in the evening when her energy levels are on a little more normal scale she finds herself thinking of ways to get stronger, and what she really wants to do with her life. In battle she also takes on a different personality, there is only fake play that she uses to set an enemy off balance while her head stays in the game. When it comes to protecting her friends there aren’t any games.


Mentality: One step from losing it, but you would never know it. Between ,sane and insane . 4



Born from the soul of her father like all Reapers Tenshi never knew the tender ways of a mother, instead she was brought into a world were her father really wasn’t sure what to do with her. He loved her yes, but he couldn’t care for her properly; so most days she was locked away by herself with nothing to play with . I suppose you could say she had a pretty dull first experience when it came to life, but it wouldn’t always be that way. One night much like any other her father entered her room to wish her good, or so she thought instead of his normal head pat he began rummaging through the dresser and placing clothes into a bag.

“You will be going to live with your MawMaw for a little okay baby?” He had muttered quietly to her when he finished his rushed packing and finally sat down on her bedside. At the time Tenshi thought it really wasn’t going to be long after all her father loved her...Right?

The next day she was taken to death city were she was handed off to an elderly woman in Death City, why she really wasn’t sure.


Tenshi learned a lot living is MawMaw, she learned the meaning of family when they sat down every might to eat dinner. She learned the meaning of freedom as she played in the back yard and later the park with other kids. It gave her a whole new out look on everything, she never wanted to sit around every again. The world was her play ground and she was going to explore.

When she was 10 years old Tenshi broke her first bone, and that bone just so happened to be her leg, can you imagine! Little Tenshi sitting in bed all day waiting for it to heal, she about went crazy but was saved by the stories MawMaw told her about the world. You see MawMaw had traveled far and wide in search for the perfect place to watch the time flow by as she put it. Every day MawMaw would tell little Tenshi a new story one more amazing then the last till she was finally healed. But even after that Tenshi always went to MawMaw when she wanted a good tale.


At first Tenshi was sent to a normal school, she was going to be a normal girl at least that what MawMaw told her. This bothered the hyperactive girl, her father was a Grim Reaper and so was she. So why wasn’t she going to the DWMA? That became the question she asked everyday, and everday she got the same response.

“That’s not what your father would of wanted...” That response always brought along another question, Where was her father? But she never dared asked that question, maybe it was because she didnt really want to know the answer.

Time drug on slowly till one day Tenshi just flat out went crazy and joined the DWMA On her own, and also got her own place. Sure she would always go se her MawMaw but she was going to do what she wanted!

Sample Rp
As a full moon rose higher and higher into the clear black night a young girl sat calmly on top of the roof of a little house. The majority of the windows where shrouded in dark shadows but one still shown bright, giving of a faint yellow glow that seemed almost welcoming but soon it to was extinguished and a mans voice shook the house the young girl quickly dropped to the ground and took off down the street as if she where running for her life. It was Rina yet again trying to avoid another night of horrible training, tonight she planed on going to see the one person she knew wouldn't mind being interrupted a nearly midnight.

Skipping down the street Rina yanked the hood of her black jacket over her head hiding her waist lengthened hair. Quickly her hands found there way into the pockets of her white shorts, these where the typical clothes the sixteen year old wore to bed....after all she never knew when her daddy was going to come knocking. Slipping into the shadows the little ninja wove her way to the house of her target Blake, they had a strange type of friendship if one could even call it that.

Hopping up to his window Rina gave a little tap tap...by god if the little bitch didnt let her in she was going to strangle him in his sleep. As she waited Rina peered up at the dark sky, strange clouds had rolled in...maybe it would Rain later? She did really like the rain.

( I should of looked for a good sample....Nah!!)
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PostSubject: Re: Tenshi-Grim Reaper   Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:52 pm

Approved. Great App.
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Tenshi-Grim Reaper
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