If you are prepared for the bitter poison of eternity, then let's go through this epic journey together...
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Acelyn Cerise

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PostSubject: Spade (W.I.P)   Spade (W.I.P) EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 2:37 pm

Name: Acelyn Spade Cerise

Nickname: Ace, Spade, Ceri, Lyn.

Age: 16-17 (1,000)



Physical Information

Character Picture: Spade (W.I.P) 96700

Soul Appearance: A candy pink sphere with a darker pink swirling design stands out like a barrier around her. The stick of a lollipop sticking out from the side, representing her love for sweets.

Spade takes the form of a smooth, pale skinned teenager. Sporting a head of short, spiky indigo blue colored hair that frames the shape of her heart shaped face; which possesses sharp features such as high cheekbones, a small nose, plump lips that are almost always pulled up at the corners in a taunting smirk. And a piercing gaze made up of large yellow eyes with two rings within them. The center being shining pools of melted gold while the rims of her irises are darkened to ember. Her small frame always clothed in a punk-gothic lolita style. She is short, being only four feet and ten inches (148cm) in total height. Her body completely defined with sleek muscle that sculpts out every curve of her lithe figure. leaving no trace of fat behind to flaw her physical condition or soften it. Her total weight being 82ibs no more no less. Both ears are pierced with silver studs and small hoops along with a small silver skull that fills in the center of her bellybutton while tattoos of spider webs embed on both shoulders along with a little pair of bat wings that mark along her shoulder blades While a chinese symbol for love lies along the right side of her hip. Despite her rather intimidating appearance, she gives off a rather seductive outlook that could be considered appealing to the opposite/same sex or otherwise.

Defining Marks: Countless scars are located among her body from past years of events. Though they are pale and are usually hidden with articles of clothing or they would have to be inspected closely. Along her forehead, there is a line of black, cross-like markings that have been there since birth, these markings are called by, stigmata.


Aspect of Fear: Destruction
Powers: Spade has the ability to control a form of dark spiritual energy that can be used for different purposes. Though like a witch, she prefers a certain theme to manifest her powers with. In her sake: Ravens and Halloween based artifacts. Being a clown, each technique she refers to as "tricks" rather than "spells".

Superior Agility: Being born as a Having worked at a circus as an acrobat throughout her childhood and few hundred years. Her flexibility and speed have surpassed that of any normal being. Able to scale up walls, and go through multiple obstacles with minimal to no effort.It also assists her in unarmed combat efficiently.


[i][b]Mental State
Between the state of sanity and insanity. Any emotional state could easily tip the balance.

"Well hi there! Spade's the name, and magical tricks is my game. How can i help ya?"
Spade portrays herself as a rather cheerful prankster.




(Ok so this part is pretty self explanatory. Here is where we stress you put detail and deep thought. Include events in their lives that make them unique and set them apart from others, There is four sections in this Childhood, Teenage life, one year before u die, After death how you got to where you are now)

Sample Rp
(Ok so here is where you place an rp to show the interaction of your character to the rest of the world. Please make this fair in length but don’t write a book, At least three paragraphs will be fine.)
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