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 Rainy days happens right?

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PostSubject: Rainy days happens right?   Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:13 pm

Could it be that, when it rains something had happen either a moment before that, or during the rain fall; sad to say most of saddest of moments can happen during this beautiful sight, the rain can be meant to stand for things that people see as a miracle and a blessing, but why, just why would it happen in events as in deaths and funerals, guess its fate, or just a pure coincodence of the time. Zeek the demon weapon sits on the side of the curb watching cars splashing in puddles as they zoom across the pavement, of course there was something appealing with watching the cars zip by in a manor, just that sound of running tires rolling over the wet cement pavement. Zeek lets the rain run through his hair and drip down his brow down to his chin and onto the pavement. Shaking his head he lets out a sigh.."Maybe theres hope out there...Just haven't found it yet."
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Kaea Rose


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PostSubject: Re: Rainy days happens right?   Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:31 pm

Kaea Rose walked slowly down the street, her warm tears hiding in the cold rain. It was almost impossible to tell, but she could feel the salty water mixing with the water from the sky. Her outfit, a white and black dotted dress with clack converse sneakers, was soaked all the way through. She was freezing and not even sure why she was outside. It seemed that they was a reason, but the girl had no clue.

Kaea saw a figure sitting on the curb up ahead and she wondered if she knew this person. She walked closer and saw that it was Zeek, her weapon partner. The girl felt no desire to see that boy at the moment and she kept walking. Well. She would have kept walking if she hadn't have slipped and fell not only two feet away from him.

She winced in pain, as she realized that her ankle was twisted. Kaea truly hoped that the boy had not seen, but she was basically right beside him, so it would've been hard not to. The girl looked up at him and slowly moved so that she was also sitting on the curb, though far enough away that two other average sized kids could sit between them. Kaea knew of his hatred for her, though it was still a mystery, and did not want to further the emotion.

The girl sat in silence, seeing if he would say anything. It was either that, or she wanted to listen to the symphony of the rain hitting the road and sidewalk.

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Rainy days happens right?
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