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 The Were-Kishin, FOOL!

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PostSubject: The Were-Kishin, FOOL!   Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:45 pm

Name: Lynn Rolfinsteilgler

Nickname: "McLawdog"

Age: 1,000 maybe 2,000 somewhere between that.

Gender: Both


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance: A very bored looking skull

Description: Lynn is very tall, but the one thing ost people notice about her are the two things that stare back at most people. The globes that call her chest home. Other than that Lynn is quite skinny, except for her thighs which are thick from muscle rather than fat as her chest is.
She prefers to wear skimpy clothes and finds the fact that men would think her attractive hilarious.
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 170lbs
Eye color: Black

Defining Marks: Bewbs


Aspect of Fear: Rage
Powers: (Tell us what you can do)


Mental State

Personality: Lynn is a playful person who enjoys tricking others no matter what, nothing pleases her more than a carefully laid plan crushing itself and imploding in defeat. That being said she is a bit of a team player, on the condition that the team plays the way she wants it. She also cannot abide working with weaker people and will eat them just for the heck of it. Lynn has an insatiable appetite for souls, and has been known to feat for the Blah of it. No rhyme nor reason is behind her attacks when she is like this, nor does she plan things out...ever for that matter. Instead Lynn is the type to charge headlong into something without a second thought, however her sense of direction is horrid and she is able to get lost easily. Taunting an opponent is something Lynn really enjoys and she will play with her enemy even if they are dead.

Mentality: Completely and unabashedly insane. She is prone to mood swings and will either act sweet and innocent or blood thirsty and demonic.



As a child Lynn ran with her family, the wolf pack so to speak. The family in which blood meant much, and outsiders were unwelcome. In this family strength meant a lot and as such Lynn trained since the moment she could walk honing her body into a machine made for fighting as such even before gaining the unbelievable powers of a kishin she had immense speed and strength unrivaled even in her clan. With it she was able to fight among the best and become a tried and true warrior among warriors. But that is a story for later instead we will focus on her childhood ridicule you see Lynn was born with something extra attached to her and although she gained a potential boost in power from it she was very ashamed about it and refused to bath communily. It brought about gender confusion and a lust for both sexes, as a more dominant personality she chased off the sex she liked better however and was stuck being regarded as a homosexual for her pursuit of women. However that was an endevour she failed in and due to her unique nature she never found one to call a mate. This was the first step on the escalator of madness that would consume Lynn and transform her into a kishin.

Sample Rp
Twisting he smirked under his helm, the readout indicated that he indeed has his opponent right where it was needed, he lifted his palms and let loose the needles whos slots opened and sprung them forth with blinding speed as they tore into the great demon that stood before Loki. The man then sped off along the crimson-orange walls made of brimstone climbing upward towards his towering opponent. The demon stood at least five times the size of loki its subdued magenta skin was stretched thin over it's body revealing even the muscle fibers beneath. It's great wings were out stretched as it beat its wings flinging Loki from his pathway violently hurling him through the air as if he were but a feather. Not that it mattered soon, not only would the demon not be able to see him but it's very world would twist into something much different. He would imagine opponents behind, on top and all around him. The man decided it was the demon's fault for giving him such a big target, after all giant strength was nothing if you could not have the smarts to back it up. Loki knew about this weakness and he was determined to expose it making this giant blocking his goal crumble before him like he was naught but driftwood in the hurricane that was Loki Ross, bane of hell. He was called this shortly after arriving in the fourth level by now his name was known to all of the minions that inhabited hell, it was said that most were looking for him to bring him to satan. Whether or not this demon was or not, today was his unlucky day as Loki bounded between the stalagtites silently as the monster beat his fists wildly in the air. Knowing the poison had taken effect Loki sprinted forward full bore and made a drill out of sand over his outstretched left arm which hardened and began to spin as he got nearer. Unleashing a roar he tore through the beasts chest like a canon ball extending his limbs again once he was out and turning on a dime one hundred and eighty degrees to watch the creature fall to it's knees, then it's face. Loki chuckled to himself before turning around and seeing two more each bigger than the last, their frothing mouths betrayed the rage the felt inside as the drill disapated then joined with a larger wave of sand which swirled around Loki as he advanced to regard each demon before him.
"So how are we gonna do this boys? The easy way? Or my way?" Loki asked, he was not waiting for an answer of course as the sands shot forward with his last word and buffeted against the wind now produced by the two demons. His helmet folded itself backwards as the man brought a cigarette to his lips his hands were soon surrounded by the sand as he lit it not even looking at his opponents before letting a cloud escape his mouth which drifted upwards. The small ember soon produced a lot more smoke then it should have as Loki began pulling in smoke from around their surroundings. With another puff, which must have been the signal, the smoke went above and surrounded the wind as the sand pushed it back the two things twisting together to rip at the demons who were now in a full retreat. With surprising speed Loki shot forward, grasping the cigarette tightly between his lips as he went making sure not to knock it from it's perch. Doing such would ruin the quickly approaching good mood Loki could feel as the sand tore a wing from the first beast the smoke stuggling with the nose of the second demon who then screamed. Finding an easier route the smoke poured into the demon, more and more until none of it remained outside. With a popping noise reminisant of a balloon the demon exploded with the smoke and flesh and blood rained down upon the cave in which the two combatants dwelled. At this Loki took his cigarette into his left hand held back his head and let loose a blood curdling laugh as the other demon quickly turned tail.
"We're not down with you yet" Loki hissed snapping his head back down to regard the fleeing opponent. The sands shot forward along with some more of the poisoned needles which occupied the right arm of his suit. The sands parted in slight spots as the needles outpaced them. Thudding into their target they released their venom, shortly thereafter however the sand had the demon within it's grasp and began to tear him apart. It started with the smaller didgets at first before working up to the bigger things finally leaving only the head and spine intact, if one could say that.
"Send me more" Loki demanded with a roar, as his wish was granted a flight of harpies poured from the top of the cavern.

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Kaea Rose


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PostSubject: Re: The Were-Kishin, FOOL!   Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:32 pm

Your techniques look good, finishing this up soon?

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Kaea Rose


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PostSubject: Re: The Were-Kishin, FOOL!   Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:35 pm

Okay, yes, Rp sample please, and can you manage a longer history?

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Jay Sasori Gorgon

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PostSubject: Re: The Were-Kishin, FOOL!   Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Were-Kishin, FOOL!   

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The Were-Kishin, FOOL!
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