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Jade Axelle

Jade Axelle

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PostSubject: Axelle, Jade (Done)   Axelle, Jade (Done) EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 8:51 pm

Name: Jade Clairene Axelle

Nickname: Jade, Axell, Claire, Hot head,ect.

Age: Sixteen-Seventeen give or take.

Gender: Female


Physical Information

Character Picture: Axelle, Jade (Done) Doodle___alice_b_rabbit_by_eck-d330y4l
Jade and Soul appearance
Soul Appearance: Jade's soul takes the form of a fifteen foot tall shadow like figure that takes the form of a humanoid rabbit carrying a scythe with a large clock dangling off the end of it. Its piercing pupiless Crimson eyes glaring at the opponent as if saying "you're next".

Jade is a petite girl standing four feet and eleven inches in height. Dark chocolate brown locks of hair cascade down to her waist while plated bangs frame her heart shaped face and stand out at the sides taking the appearance of cat like ears while two separate stands of hair are braided with a golden spear like tip at the end. Despite the fact she comes from a background that revolved among poverty, she keeps herself in rather neat and well cleansed position at all times. Her thin eyebrows shaped evenly with her complexion clear of any pubic flaw or alterations with a small cute formed nose and full shell pink lips that cover naturally straight white teeth.Between a curtain of long dark lashes lay her eyes that alter in color depending mainly on the florescence. From a pale purple along the outer section, to a dark indigo near the center as well as around the irises. In the center of each pools two black diamond shape pupils float. Physically at first glance, she is seen with a "delicate" physique. With her small sculpted shoulders, the ripe tender size of her round 36-B sized bust, and the graceful slants that curve out to form the swell of her hips and ample heart shaped bottom complete with long willowy limbs. Though from years of personal training starting at the young age of three, her once wiry structure took shape and hardened with defined solid muscle, giving her a light weight of 90ibs. No more, no Less. Unlike most of the students though, she possesses a toughened, mature beauty rather than a softer outlook. The pale ivory flesh that coats her very muscle and bone may seem flawless at first glance, though there are scars that decorate the surface of her back, palms and shoulders that were created from past events though still remain to be hairless and smooth. Though she has a selective amount of clothing in her wardrobe, her signature attire consists of a red and white diamond patterned jacket with a large white bow at the chest, a matching pair of white gloves, a short, slim fit black skirt. And a pair of white boots that stop below the knee.

Defining Marks: Countless scars, and a tattoo of a clock embedded onto her shoulder.


Mental State

"Jade, My name is jade and its a pleasure to meet you~"

A pretty woman with the ability to mask intentions and feelings with a dazzling smile upon her face. A siren if you will, her strong,alluring voice and cunning words attracting the targets of her desire. With a touch of little white lies and a sweet face alone would be the usual way of shadowing away anything that she doesn't wish for the person to know.

"Any personality in existence i can use, whether it be my own or yours.As long as everything is under my reign of control i shall be fine."

A natural manipulator and liar, the human emotion for her is like one of the instruments that she has learned to play. Within a minimal amount of time, and care she can find out what makes a person happy, sad or tick. A shameless puppeteer that simply adores what power she has over her little dolls. Some to be generous, would call her crafty and a gifted survivor. Others to be cruel, a witch.A great flaw heavily noted is her desire for control. If things aren't placed in a proper fashion under her guidance she becomes uneasy and hostile.

"If we lived in a world of fairness and prosperity, perhaps then would i feel guilty for my actions.Until then, your carelessness will coast you in the mean time~."
Thievery has been one of her many dark talents, like a gentle gust of wind she rustles by. And just as swift as the moment you blink. She slips away with your belongings in hand. Sometimes even with a trail of crimson following in pursuit. Flawless and quick, her kills leave blood on her hands though not a trace of remorse is left written on her features. By the twisted, unstable smirk that strikes her expression. It seems that she has a dark, hot blooded temper that will lash out towards anyone that strikes her nerve.

" I don't care what my property has done. Whats mine is mine!..you break them, and i can assure you, you'll pay the full coast.Whether it be a limb or simply your life!"

Deep down inside, Jade isn't as cruel or heartless as what she plays out to be. At least, around true friends that she even manages to make,and take a liking to..She is very loyal, protective and possessive of what she has. Always Affectionate, and loving. Assured to keep them in proper conditions at all times.And Growing furious if anyone dares to inflict even a mere scratch on them. Towards people she grows close to, only they would know what her true smile and emotions are, with or without the mask.

Mentality: Corrupted,and sad. The world that makes up her inner sanity is fading. Taking the form of a darkened wonderland, Jade stands in the center. A sad melody echoing through the empty space from the piano. Though it always changes, depending on her mood.


Born from wedlock was what fate had decreed for the first and eldest child of Victoria Axelle. The father being a mere officer, took the dark haired woman who only had the strength to shed tears as everything thrown at her was forced to be taken. Only nine months later to receive the bastard child who was called by the name of Jade after the gemstone. Beautiful though cool.

Introduced to the world as an angel. Pure and innocent, not the kind of personality that lasts long in the side of poverty. Like Among the other herds of lamb, the children would gather to schools to learn. Not much to be taught rather the starting point of how this hell began, Like wild untamed beasts. Pre-teen or adult, both of each gender from each district would be summoned by name. Sent to the capitol where they would all slay each other on live television to serve as nothing more than entertainment for the dirt that lived within the highest of ranks. Young and confused. Jade would sit quietly, carrying on with her studies and training that she received from those who were fortunate enough to make it back from death in the arena and still have their humanity intact, silently praying each and every night for the light to shine through the black shroud of eternal night.

Truth eventually comes to light, one way or another. As the damned sadist that held the genes that fathered her, sought out and attacked the small family, Jade being the target of mistreatment out of the rest.

The ivory color tone of her skin, darkening to purple and blue from the contact of bony knuckles. Sometimes even enough for the skin to break and blood to fall like rivers down her naked back.

"Stop!...it hurts.." she whimpered miserably, her arms wrapped tightly around herself in an attempt to defend her own body.Only to have them pinned down to her back while positioned beneath the drunkard that reeked of alcohol and cheap weed.

"Shut up you little Blah!" he rumbled. The point of his boot cracking against her chest to draw out a piercing wail. The mother visibly flinching in her shadowed off corner. Closing her eyes and turning her head away in shame as the pain filled cries for assistance could not be fulfilled.

Every night. The abuse continued. And every night, the tolerance for it faded to the point that the day there happened to be a moment of weakness for him, became his end..


Blood spurted out from the two inch deep fracture from the knife that sunk itself deeply into his skull,gushing down his neck to soak into the fabric of his clothing, the body fell and the color gray tainted the wings of the angel as a tearful outburst allowed her to seek out her mother as well. Before she knew it, blood stained her clothes and a maniacal burst of laughter erupted from her throat as dark crimson pools seeped along the wooden planks of the floor. As a call of defiance wrung itself up into the heavens and to the ears of the frightened younger sibling and her mother.
"Never...never again will anyone hurt us!"

Life at the Axelle residence was still difficult, even after the death of their major nightmare he still left an emotional impact onto the family. As food shortages grew worse during the passing seasons. It was difficult for them to scrape up a decent meal.Eleven year old Jade and Nine year old Natalie had to teach themselves how to steal. They'd practice pick pocketing each other until they became sufficient enough to be unfelt and took off into the town. Mingling with the crowds of people, Targeting those that lived in the higher class section of the district. Natalie made her way through and nudged a few people to make them revert all attention away from the Axelle that was slipping their money from their pockets before slipping out of reach. Sometimes they'd steal money, other times it would be food. For months they were able to keep themselves and their mother alive from starvation. That is until they day they got caught..

The butt of A peacekeepers gun slammed itself into her right temple during mid run. Sending Jade sprawling to the ground, startled from the pain and breathless from shock from the surprise attack. The man towered over the two sisters, his build described as sturdy as a brick wall. Cruel beady black eyes glared down into her own and for a split second she could have sworn she was going to die here and then..
Her head pulsed along with her heartbeat that pounded against her ears. Time seemed to move slow for her, by the time she could comprehend what was going on, a Gun shot echoed and a body fell lifeless.
Jade didn't even have time to even scream as the lights blanked out and right there and then she passed out. Her thoughts coming down on her like a ton of bricks as the realization dawned to her of what just happened.
Natalie, was dead!


Jade had woken up to better situations, this one definitely becoming the top on her list for the worst. She was no stranger to pain, though this was physically and mentally damaging. Thin Leather lashed across the sensitive flesh of her back, over and over. Each one harder than the last and right over the previous one,By the fourth lash o the whip, the swollen, irritated skin broke open to leak out blood and pus combined with her own sweat. The smell was nauseating to the point that it made her head spin. The screams that ruptured out from her now sore throat pierced the area and the ears of all who heard. It was a rather heartbreaking sound, agony combined with despair and rage all at once. By the time the beating was through, she couldn't even stand up on her own. Her back was now a torn up bloody mess, her pockets and hands empty, and the burden of knowing she was now an only child killed her on the inside.

Though through some miracle, she found herself walking. Limping and slowly progressed though she made her way back home to her nerve wrecked mother.
"JADE! oh my god...jade! what happened to you?!!!! and Natalie? wheres Natalie? She needs to help me clean you up..Natali-" Gently, yet firmly the grip on her wrist yanked her around to stare deep into her eldest childs eyes. Glazed over in guilt and sorrow, the storm clouds swirled within her irises. Tears like raindrops cascading down her face. Jade knew the words, but couldn't form them. Before she knew it, she was sobbing. Leaving her mother alone to piece two and two together and once that happened, Hell froze over.

Tables flipped, all remaining contents tossed about from the cabinets, Dishes thrown everywhere and glass scattered across the floor. But the noise was overpowered by the wails of a mother who has lost a life she had conceived. Throughout the mess she sat upon, arms secured around her abdomen as her body shook uncontrollably. Throughout the night, tears were shed. Jade had to patch her own wounds up, thankfully there was plenty of snow from the heavy winter so she was able to maintain the swelling along with a herb treatment given to her by a neighbor who took pity on the poor family. Weeks after Natalie's death, Jades mother still cried through the day and night till her lips were cracked and her throat raw. Thin from her refusal to eat and sickly. Dark circles stained beneath her eyes from lack of sleep, and as Jade witnessed this all. It was the final straw that broke the camels back.

A pillow smothered against her face and a sharp jerky stab impaled through the heart stopped all functions instantly.In her corner, Jade curled up rocking herself back and forth as she murmured."I did a good thing...i did a good thing... everything's gonna be okay." The worn music box creakily sang jade to sleep as a pool of blood spread across the sheets of the bed. This act, being the one that morphed everything that she was into something darker.


Constant training made jade physically stronger, when she didn't train she would dance. dance to the music that would be played by the piano of the music teacher. Her small delicate frame good enough for her to easily obtain a talent in ballet and jazz. All styles of dance, practiced on her own when she wasn't tossing knives or fighting against kids that picked a fight with her at school. When the hunger games came to Television, She would watch closely, letting her anger and hatred for the capitol boil over as she witnessed the immorality of it all. While people were starving or suffering in the other districts. The top four districts and the citizens of the capitol had it all, food, money, clothes, and proper payment and training.

She saw this and seethed, using the flames of hate to be her motivation through training. In the forges, she spent her time crafting her knives.Sharpening them and polishing them to perfection. Practicing her aim until she became good enough to decapitate a bird in mid flight. To test her strength she would wait till nightfall and watch for the two peacekeepers that had caught her off guard the day of her sisters death.

She crept silently behind them, footsteps mute from any sound and she made sure to keep herself from sight though to keep them in her range. Once the opportunity to attack struck, the shorter peacekeeper was killed instantly by the knife that sliced open and through his throat. The brooding man witnessed this and recognized jade instantly. He smirked grimly."i see you've come back for more?" He dropped his gun and uncoiled his whip. The crack against the ground quick as thunder and jade sneered. "I've come for something alright, and its to kill you."

Darkly he chuckled and lunged,the long cord of the whip cut by a swift slice of her knife. The battle was on. He aimed his punches and kicks that she dodged with ease. Blocking with her own counter attacks or ducking by, when he slammed her down he pulled out a long, jagged blade. About to swing in for the kill. Yet he froze. Eyes widening from horror as they trailed up to see the owner of such a shadow that seemed to cancel out the light.

A Dark masculine figure in the form of a rabbit like monster hovered around Jade as she sprang back up to land a direct kick to the jaw. Concentrated and aimed carefully into the single joint of his lower jaw. Dislocating it and even breaking it. Broken from his concentration, he screamed. From his pain, she laughed at him and the battle continued. Every open spot he left, she struck. The rabbit like figure following her movements. Making sure it was quick and as painful as possible. By the time he was already defeated through the fist match. There was still no mercy on his part, With her knives she carved him like a pumpkin. Only until hearing the arrival of footsteps did she finally kill him by slitting his throat before running off.Her crimson colored eyes dimmed to normal as the dark figure faded away with a sinister snicker. Never had she felt so satisfied in her life.

"You realize why you are here correct?"

"Obviously i do your honor"

"Hn..you are also aware that murder is punishable by death?"

"Am i supposed to be afraid?"

Seventeen year old Jade Axelle stood before the judge in trail, elegantly dressed with her legs crossed. She smiled indifferently up at him as she answered his questions.Her hair once messily cut, now grown out to trail past her waist.A style that suited her best.Her body structure once stick straight skinny, now filled in with defined shape and hardened by supple muscle. The judge answered the young woman with a snort.

"Any sane person would be but obviously you're a different case...by my order and the approval of the capitol instead of sentencing you to death, you will be the next female to participate in our annual hunger games. Case dismiss-"

"Actually your honour, that won't be necessary."
A tall man dressed in a gray cloak took a step forward. A calm smile spread on his lips.
"This young lady doesn't belong here, she will be coming with me."

The judge quirked an eyebrow frowning a little as he began to rise from his seat."Who are you? and how the hell did you get passed the guards?!"

The man smirked a little and dismissed the question with a mere wave of his hand. "That information is classified my good man, now as i was saying.."
He craned his neck to face the female that gawked at him questioningly. Though in reality she was dumbfounded.

"Don't worry about a thing my dear, i know about you and your remarkable soul's wavelength. Truly a worthy specimen to take part of the academy. Everything shall be explained once we arrive."

Jade smirked a little before replying. "And if i don't want to accompany you?"
The man simply shrugged and gestured his hand to the court room."then you are free to stay here and wait until they send you to your slaughter." he stated casually with a frozen edge that irritated the girl just a bit. Of course such irritation not shown on her smooth expression. Instead she grinned. "Hmph, fair enough.When will we be leaving?"

The man graciously returned the smile, holding out an arm. "As soon as you are ready to miss Axelle~"

"What?!" The judge exclaimed with disbelief as he witnessed for the first time his sentence being defied by a mere newcomer. "You...You are not going anywhere! security..SECURITY!"

The man frowned a little, looking down at jade as he released her arm for a moment to take a step back.

"Jade, my dear. Would you please handle that while i ready our exit?"

With that, Jade just smiled. Twirling one of her knives around her finger delicately , "No need~" she replied quietly as she turned to walk away, her heels clicking down the halls."He'll be dead by the time we leave." She walked with the chuckling figure through the swirling vortex that made up the portal. Though not before flicking the knife that was placed between her thumb and pointer fingers sending the knife spiraling at incredible speed and accuracy. Hitting its mark and fulfilling its purpose.

By the time they found the body of the judge, Jade was already gone without a trace.

Sample Rp

Anti-Demon Wavelength: This Wavelength acts as a powerful barrier against insanity and darkness.This Wavelength is also carried over to her attacks, which serve to be very effective against Witches or any individual harboring madness or dark powers. Using the purification effect of her Anti-Demon Wavelength in her attacks, she can even take on an Immortal. She can also Resonate with others who are about to be pulled into madness, and restore their sanity. She can do this through acts of physical contact, such as holding hands, or by embracing someone.

Soul Perception Ability:This unique ability allows a person to 'perceive' the souls of living people. Being a Meister and usually a level headed person, Jade is no exception to this technique.

Physical Fitness: Due to years upon years of training and taking abuse from her father, as well as continuing to engage in daily work out sessions. Jades body is almost completely defined in muscle and shaped in top health condition.She presents good speed and stamina, as she is able to run up walls, jump from tree to tree, and run for incredibly long distances within seconds without much effort or signs of strain. Her reflexes maintain an immediate reaction to any movement, and she is extremely flexible. Able to bend her body in different ways that prove useful during hand to hand combat.

Physical Strength: Despite her size, Jade has a high level of monstrous strength. Able to take on creatures ten times her size barehanded. Pick up slabs of earth like its paper and make small craters upon impact against almost any solid material. Usually this brute strength is shown when she is angered or in a desperate situation.

Hand to hand combat: Jade has learned five different forms of martial arts and techniques used in kick boxing, wrestling, and street fighting. Being put in dance at a young age, she usually combines her skill in hand to hand combat with hints of dance moves in each attack through habit if she gets into it.

Knife throwing: Having perfect hand eye coordination and years of practicing with targets crafted out of trees. Jade can hit a target dead on through a far range distance with multiple knives in hand that she usually keeps hidden within the cuffs of her sleeves. (nothing beyond 40 feet however)

Soul transformation: Jade has the unique ability to take on the form of her own soul.Though smaller, Transforming into a monstrous humanoid black rabbit that stands seven feet tall in height. Her attire staying the same except her black skirt becoming pants. She develops flashing red eyes, sharp canine like teeth and claws. .Wielding a scythe in hand that can cut through any legitimate solid material, and summon up a flurry of chains (up to six maximum)with spears at the tips to pierce or bind the enemy.

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PostSubject: Re: Axelle, Jade (Done)   Axelle, Jade (Done) EmptyThu Nov 24, 2011 12:58 pm

Seems fine.

(Unless disapproved by Bozo's Superior)

Side Note: That history is almost as bad (or good, depending on your viewpoint) as Crona's poem.

A combination of AB+ and O-, except for weapons and meisters instead of blood types.
Contains song on Autoplay:

Actual Video, Worth it to watch:
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Jade Axelle

Jade Axelle

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PostSubject: Re: Axelle, Jade (Done)   Axelle, Jade (Done) EmptyThu Nov 24, 2011 1:03 pm

i'll take that as a compliment~ thank you ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Axelle, Jade (Done)   Axelle, Jade (Done) EmptyThu Nov 24, 2011 1:42 pm

It was :P

A combination of AB+ and O-, except for weapons and meisters instead of blood types.
Contains song on Autoplay:

Actual Video, Worth it to watch:
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Axelle, Jade (Done)
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