If you are prepared for the bitter poison of eternity, then let's go through this epic journey together...
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 The Joker

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PostSubject: The Joker    Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:11 pm

Name: Once Called "Hibari, Jun"

Nickname: The Joker

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance:

The Joker is a being of madness, smashed together in a clown form. His skin is pale and his body is lean. Usually sliding across the ground in a goofy manner, Joker has a tendency of carrying a yellow rose around with him at all times. Unbeknown to all around him, the rose becomes a sort of calling card, and a memento to his past. Usually carrying a malevolent grin, when first looking upon Joker, one would think he was the friendly type. Oh how wrong they would be.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 138
Eye color: Amber

Defining Marks: The Rose Insignia scattered across his wardrobe aswell as his bladed cards


Aspect of Fear: Chaos

Custom Card Abilities:

Canon Techniques:


Mental State

Personality: A Manipulative Clown that is smarter than he appears. Originally formed from insanity and chaos focused upon one area for a period of time, Joker has taken a certain interest in that of Soul Eaters, witches, and other types of beings other than Clowns. His interest derives from the lustful dreams to see them in utter chaos and madness. The Clown will do as much as to go out of his way to ruin the plans of another, simply to see the reaction upon their face as they notice their plan coming down in flames. When the mad clown is asked why he finds such enjoyment in tormenting others around him, he simply responds with the confusing line of "I love Everything. Everything loves me. I wish for all to bathe in my Madness." in a nonchalant, yet cheery tone. Like a traditional clown, the Joker enjoys playing tricks on others. This is just another way of spreading his madness, though unlike the other clowns, he believes he has a higher purpose than just being a clown born of negative emotions. If given the chance, Joker will find a way to turn others against each other, simply for the humor of it all. This makes him an unpredictable threat. Truly Chaos Incarnate.

Mentality: Chaos Incarnate. Manipulating Clown of MADness. Insane and inHumane



Originally a Meishin named Jun, the Joker was not always as chaotic as he is currently. As a Meishin he was an under achiever. His parents were average and so was he. Only really a background character, the only thing that stood out about him was his fascination with Card Tricks and flowers. One fateful day, a spiral of madness were focused upon his immediate area..Spinning around him. Constricting themselves around his being and creating a monstrosity that would swallow him entirely. This new being would have a humanoid shape, but would no longer be the Jun those before him, had known. Instead, the new creation entirely would take a name of its own and begin to spread its madness across the globe. Forgetting the life it had before the Madness possession, Joker continues his manipulative - chaotic nature and continues to spread it as far and wide as he can..Hoping to become more than just a Clown. A leading role far above the rest of the simpletons.

Sample Rp
((Using rp sample of another site, cause I don't feel like making a new one ))

As the boy made his way back towards the school, another would arrive on the scene, and his dark eyes would shift to meet the boy's own. They had met before..Once in class and another time on some sort of school trip. Leo found himself amused every time he came across this particular student. His timing was perfect aswell..It got his mind off that certain female, and back onto the subject of studying people. As the boy, named Jon, would shove his hands in his pockets and continue to walk on past, Leo would slide by his side and put an arm around the back of his neck. "Heeey Buddy, how have you been? Healthy, Wealthy, and Wiiiise I hope." The student's sly grin would be spread across his face as he would begin to walk with the boy named 'Jon.' "Aren't classes still in session? Don't tell me you're skipping! Oh my..Oh wow..! Dangerous~" Leo would begin to snicker to himself awaiting some form of expression to come from the other..This was why he was here afterall. To study.

"Who would have guessed that I would know such a dangerous student like yourself! First you're skipping..Next you'll be telling me to do things like smoke pot and all that other nonsense..Oh my..Oh wow..! Then I'll be on one of those truth commercials where I need to rise above the influence..Dangerous!" The obnoxious student would being to snicker to himself again, enjoying himself abit too much.

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PostSubject: Re: The Joker    Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:01 pm

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Kaea Rose

Kaea Rose

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PostSubject: Re: The Joker    Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:09 pm

Looks good. Approved unless denied.

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PostSubject: Re: The Joker    

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The Joker
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