If you are prepared for the bitter poison of eternity, then let's go through this epic journey together...
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 Blaze, Witch Of Flame

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PostSubject: Blaze, Witch Of Flame   Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:56 pm

Name: Jake Hatsunetsu

Nickname: Blaze

Age: 121

Gender: Male


Character Picture:

Soul Appearance:

(Note: Completly cover's Blaze)

Description: Staying true to his nature, Blaze was born with bright red fiery hair that is also resembled within the burning red eye's. His clothing consists of a red/b;ack top that is held together down the middle with tsitching showing some but not all of his chest. His trousers are made of the same material while his costume holds red like jewels, He has three belt's one which holds a small incantus.
Eye color: Red

Defining Marks: Dragon like teeth, When angered his eyes become enflamed. Far warmer than the average human



Mental State


As a witch Blaze was taught at a young age to be ruthless and destructive, Something that was only ever implemented into his hot temper, Never the less he is rather very sweet and would love nothing more than snuggling with a nice boy infront of a hot fire, Hot tempered is definatly an understatement tho, If his value or pride even feel's threatened he will turn on even friends and if not capable of fighting will give them a major tounge lashing or a good old BLAZE CHOPPPIEE,

Such a warm cuddler he enjoys cuddles more than life itself sometimes, Tho with a laughing and humourous aspect he is definatly a true friend. Durng battle his trait's change becoming more cold and ruthless depending on the nature of the fight

Mentality: Stable




Born from flames, The witch of fire erupted into life within the burning volcano located near the valley of death, Unique to be born from no family but this was not true, For his family was fire itself, Fire for something alive must have a soul gave life to the dead child within the small village, His mother and father prayed to the god of the land, Prayed with all there heart and might to bring there child to them, Following the light of fire Blaze erupted into life, Tho killing his family as his life was created, This was the life he was forced to live.

A young female about 23 stumbled upon the aftermath of this event, And when she heard the cries of the survivng child her interest's were peaked, She could see the large soul within the child a witch this woman was interested in it, As she reached down to touch the child she screamed in pain as her hand burnt upon his to hot to touch skin. What was this. Wrapping the child up in her cloak she was gone,

During his year's of growing up he was soon able to learn his ability, His animal form was depictated as the great bird of fire or phoenix known to many, This allowed him to control and conjure up beautiful golden flames, These flames were incredibly hot a gift from the god of fire upon this beautiful child.

Teenage year's.

During his many year's as a teenager (fifty by looks to be exact) he spent his time honing his skill's AND fending off those who wished to taste his burning soul, This was his life trying to keep it and trying to train, Not impressive but soon enough within the witches circle he had made a name for himself, Not only fighting those that wished him harm but witches who had intended to harm other's who did not deserve it. This was his goal, He did not want to be ordinary fighting those who did him wrong but to protect and show that all witches were not cut from the same cloth.

Adult year's

His adult's years felt extremely like his teenager year's battling witches and those hunting for his soul added with a spice of were wolf, Typical could he get no rest tho now his skills had become legendary in the witches circle at the age of 121 he seeks more from like seeks to be useful and to prove that his kind are not all the same

Sample Rp

What a drag, Staring at the large stack's of paper upon his desk the chief of the medical unit sighed, That's all there was to this job, Paper work paper work and oh more paper work, Ever since becomming the chief of the medical core he only ever got to work on the extremely hard cases, He hardly ever got to speak to his patient's instead he was cooped up in this little office and was unable to even go on some of the hardest mission's. "I'm done....Mino" he called, from the door popped a small head a female with hair shining like the bluest ocean, "Yes Sir" she replied with a smile, "Take over my cases for the rest of today ill be on the floor" and with that he was gone, Darting down the halls passing some other medical nin, Grabbing a case file he would look at it for only a moment before turning into room 13, "Hello Kurokai" Rain would say, This was Kurokai rukia, A team mate of his from the young day's. "Aaah Rain its been sometime, come to fix me up" Rain only sighed "im sorry there's nothing even i can do, Your spine is to badly damaged" Rain said with a serious face. Rukia's face saddened tear's filling up before "NAH IM SHITTING YOU" Rain said laughing softly "You bastard" Sighing Rain turned Rukia around and with rapid handseals his hand began floating around the mans back and within seconds he had finished.

In the afternoon, Rain had taken the time to teach at the academy the importance of a medic ninja, This being there ability to heal and support the members of the team, But that's not all, He emphasised on the attacking qaulities of a medic and the use of there chakra control. Taking the class outside he would demonstrate the ability that high chakra control that only medic's could maintain and reach would show. This being the ability of chakra enhanced strength. With a single pinky he struck the ground creating a fissure to the aww's and oooh's of childred. Explaining the techniques that medical ninja need to master he was definatly grasping there attentions showing and proving how hard being a medical ninja can truly be.

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Kaea Rose

Kaea Rose

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PostSubject: Re: Blaze, Witch Of Flame   Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:10 pm

Approved~! Try not to use so many run-on sentences though, otay?

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Blaze, Witch Of Flame
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