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 Karan The Basilisk witch But a male?

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PostSubject: Karan The Basilisk witch But a male?   Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:47 pm

Name:Karan (For truth that is his middle,, first, and last name)

Nickname: The Blind Basilisk




Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance: The soul radiates black, Large scaled basilisk, (A basilisk is my form of a large..Very LARGE snake. ) Swarms around the soul, Also making the movement as if it was trying to swallow it, But, the soul would be too large.

Description: He is usually shown wearing a black cloak, Similar to the henchmen of arachne, Though he also wears a mask, It is the form of a snakes fang, Colored with black and red scales in a pattern,. His attire is similar to that of death the kid, Except the small button near the top is now changed to his own, The basilisk mask,

Under that, Is a large amount of scales formed as armor, Simply under that is even more, Wrappings, These wrappings hold amounts of cures for the basilisk venom, To be used if a ally is poisoned, Or he himself is poisoned. He is also wrapped around the eyes

Not Normal Body-The same is shown, Except the tattoos are gone, And so is the wrappings. He takes off his hood and wears a tux. His hair is spiking up, And colored black

Height: 6 Ft
Weight:60 lbs.
Eye color:Gray

Defining Marks: His body is shown as on his fingertips, A eye of a basilisk is on his fingertips, His palms hold a tattoo of a fang, Same as the other hand


Animal: Basilisk (To even more clarify it..Harry potter, Book 2, Chamber of secrets, That HUGE snake)


Mental State

Personality:He is cruel, But some reason sided with the DWMA, Even for his witch title. He acts with the kishin's chaos naturally to him. Though he shares a similarity with dissecting things like doctor stine. EDD for the care of snakes. Beyond your thoughts.

Mentality:..Insane??? (I dont know what mentality means O_O)



Child-Karan went around finding snakes on the side of the road and chopping them. Until one day he found a snake he could not chop. As soon as the blade hit karan went blind. Wearing a large headband over his eyes. Soon he developed the way a basilisk, And snake sees. Through heat seeking.

Teenage-He began specializing with poison and harvesting it from snakes and his own pet basilisk. He then traveled to the DWMA, but before so he stole the body of a adult. And then applied. For if he was in witch form he would be denied. He Changed the face of the new body, To fit his own, And put his original atire in a secret room, After this he regained his sight. Though right before he lost all memory of being a witch, All he remembered was the snake, And him wanting to work for the DWMA

Pre Memory loss- (How he lost it) Karan practiced in matters in his secret room, Reading books he secretly snuck from the lv 4 part of the library. Talking about eibons creations. Karan turned and practiced mixing venom after. a flash happened. And he saw the poison had reacted newly, It bubbled faster, It changed colors rapidly, Then the chandelier broke, Maybe from the unknown physical pressure it was giving. The glass started messing with his thoughts. He turned and smacked his books off the table, Even a record of incantations and grabbed his head. He then was cut from glass, And fell back and the poison seeped into him. Emergency procedures he set up for the room. Fixed everything and desposed of the poison and put karan back out. on his bed, When he awoke from alarm he slammed it off and read notes on the side Stating

1#-Join the DWMA
2#-Become a w meister,

The itch part of witch was missing, it seemed to have been ripped out by something, Though the rip showed a struggle between two

Sample Rp
Karan slowly pulled a blade out of the teachers stomach "Ah..Such a horrible roster for are test makers..". Leaning down as The oh so unlucky teacher coughed up blood. Karan simply moved his palm as it scooped some above, Then moving it above as it slipped down his throat like a snake. Karan turned in annoyance as his blade was the appearance of a whip. Sliding behind him as a large thump sound was made. The door had closed when he stepped out. An academy student walked by as he was flung back and stabbed into a wall. Leading to a blood mess "Dont talk to me child.." He said to the boy who was on the ground. Lucky to be the slightest bit alive. Then moving his hands behind his head in a yawn. Then thinking about turning back for a drink of that blood splattered on the wall. He thought back Its not fresh.. never mind Then stepping outside (From NRPG)

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Jay Sasori Gorgon
Jay Sasori Gorgon

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PostSubject: Re: Karan The Basilisk witch But a male?   Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:29 pm

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Karan The Basilisk witch But a male?
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