If you are prepared for the bitter poison of eternity, then let's go through this epic journey together...
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 Noriaky Peta

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PostSubject: Noriaky Peta   Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:00 am

Name: Noriaky Peta

Nickname: Nory or Peta Spark

Age: 13

Gender: Boy

Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Apperance:


A timid guy at the first time he meets someone but when you win some trust with him, he is very comunicative and funny.

Love's to laugh and listen music (can make phones appear magically) and when he is embarassed or blushed puts his hood on the head.

5 feet and 5 inches

121 Pounds

(sorry I'm portuguese, I'm not too good in Heigth and Weigth convert)

Eye color: Black

Defining Marks:
When happy say "YUPYY" and have a tatoo of a thunder in his back and can shape-change into a dog.

Mental State

Timid, curious , funny, when have trust is very comunicative, loves to laugh.

His curiosity can take him into problems.


A lonely kid, he did not like to be with other people, even with is mother.

When someone going to say hi, he rans away and hides in somehere, but one day a dog was towards him, the dog was very hungry and thin and he give him some food and the dog followed him to home.

He arrived to home and said to the dog go away but the dog didn't go away so he taked the dog to home and his mother said that can be but he have to have all the responsibility about the dog and take him for a walk all days and he called him Spark.

And one day when having a walk, the dog got attacked and he can do nothing, a witch seeing this, got the other to go away but Spark was too injured so the witch asked him if he really want's to save Spark then he said yes and he fused the dog with the body of Noriaky and Noriaky said: How I can thank you? and the witch said that the only way to thank you his to make other persons happy so he started to be friendly and comunicative with other persons.

Sample Rp:
Give me a situation, pwease, pwease...
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Noriaky Peta
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