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PostSubject: Alexandretta Heartstring   Alexandretta Heartstring EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 4:36 pm

Name: Alexandretta Heartstring

Nickname: Dretta

Age: 25

Gender: Female


Physical Information

Character Picture:
Alexandretta Heartstring Anime

Soul Appearance:
Alexandretta Heartstring Soul

Description: Hot pink hair that reaches to her arse, pulled up into a messy style that drips down her neck and ears. Her eyes are also hot pink but grow darker when upset or emotional, and appear to glow against her pale skin. She is tall for a woman- 6 feet tall, and having a beautiful appearance, weighing about 135 pounds. Wears casual clothing at all times, sweat pants that are patterned to look like jeans (not skinny, they flare over the calf), shirt, and black/white Airmax.

Defining Marks: Flower Tattoo on her stomach


Mental State

Dretta has a slight sadistic nature, but only to scare others who she finds annoying. She speaks bluntly and will say whatever is on her mind, she doesn’t care what others think but at most this is a façade for her own insecurities… She’s cold hearted at most, but smiles all the way through it. The only person it is thought she cares even an ounce for is her Weapon Rin, anyone else she is willing to shove them down a flight of stairs just to watch them bounce.

She enjoys silence and warmth, curling up in a few blankets in the dark seems to be one of the few ways she falls asleep. She can be a lazy lump, but would rather be active if at all possible. She always smiles unless things are serious and will tell a student that they are worthless and pathetic with a sweet smile. She at most is oblivious to her own appearance, but overall is ‘laxed about it.

Cruel with a smile. A bit manic-depressive at times but overall a rather blunt cheerful person.


History (forgive the shotty history)

Dretta came from a rather long line of British, German, and Russian Meisters with little to no outside relations mixed in –though there is a grandmother down the line that should be looked into…- But otherwise she was introduced into the ‘work’ at a young age attending DWMA at the proper age with high respects and hopes from her kin. She was an above average student who cut corners for time, but she would grow out of that to fulfill her full potential. She excelled in the physical aspect of lessons, her lease favorite subject being Math, and finding only minor enjoyment in reading.

She was assigned her weapon, Rin Galahad who she showed little to no respect to in their first year. She had seen her family treat their weapons with the same manner and felt no kinship to the boy. It was not until their second year did she start to warm up to him and actually get to know/care for him. She continues to act cold, but there is softness under the ice, mostly noticeable by Rin and few others. Dretta enjoys a challenge, mostly one that is either physical or mental, a mix can be more annoying than challenging.

During her education and experience in life, Dretta reached the age of 25 and continues to work with Rin at her side at DWMA working in Physical Education trying new ways to physically test the new generation: despite a few methods being questionable in some circles.

Sample Rp
Hailpelt- Warriors RPG (Quest/try-out for Deputy spot)

The smell of smoke was everywhere. It filled the air like water in a river and it blinded Hailpelt every so often. “peh” she gagged rubbing her nose with her paw blinking away the smoke as she looked around. Much of the clan had already escaped, but she ran back when she noted a few were missing from the head count! It was only two if she remembered correctly: a Queen who was expecting and a grouchy elder who had always been a pain to her when she was sent to clean up their nest.

She had never truly seen a fire in her camp, it was a rare happening, but as Starclan knew; no one was safe from the unexpected. She headed for the Elder’s den first, it was closest and she wanted to just check quickly, praying that the old goof had gotten out on his own… but no he was sitting there coughing and hacking, but otherwise not moving. “Come on you have to move!” she coughed herself nudging the older Tom only to duck her head form a rather nasty swipe. “I ain’t going anywhere!” he hissed his fur fluffed up and eyes narrowed. Hailpelt glared back, “You have to move! You’ll die otherwise!” she pleaded in a strong voice holding back a cough. “I am not moving! I won’t abandon my home!” He was being stubborn; she remembered that as a Trainee he was the same then. “Look just come with me, we can get out of here, we are not abandoning the camp” she thought of a nice way to put it, “We are saving the clan, the camp is not the clan it’s earth and stone and water, the clan is what’s important, so get your old fluffy rump moving!” she growled biting at his scruff and pulling him.

She felt him struggle away and let him go, “If you die, then YOU’RE the one abandoning the clan! Stop being a coward and help me help find a queen, even if we both die I’d rather help get the future out of this fire!” she glared at him. The tom was about to protest, but started to hack and wheeze, the smoke getting worse in the Elder Den. The tom grumbled darkly and pushed past Hailpelt and she followed with a look of relief in her eyes. “Alright,” she muttered looking around through the smoke and flames, she could see the kit nest, luckily the flames had not reached it as she moved toward it looking back at the tom to make sure he was following her. But he seemed a bit wobbly. “Here” she said swaying her tail by his mouth, he did not need an explanation and bit down on the tail gentle allowing Hailepelt to guide him through the camp to the Nest.

Hailpelt moved swiftly feeling the old tom walk as fast as he could behind her while still holding her tail. She moved into the nest glad to see the air was better to breath here, but the sound inside made her blood run cold. She saw the queen on her side, wheezing and shivering slightly. Hailpelt moved over and her eyes widen at the sight of two small scruffs of fur curled up against the weakened Queen. “…” For a moment her mind went blank, she nudged the queen who looked up her eyes slightly glazed over, “can you walk?” she asked softly noticing the smoke creeping more into the nest. The queen looked at her kits and slowly tried to stand her legs shaking and she collapsed. For a moment Hailpelt thought she would have to make sacrifices, and that hurt her deeply, but then an idea rushed into her mind like lightening. “Oi,” she pulled her tail from the elder’s mouth, “I have an idea, and you have to help, you were a warrior so I know you are strong in heart and hopefully in body” she smirked a bit seeing the tom’s fur ruffle in annoyance as he walked closer.

“I need you to grab and drag her, I know the smoke is heavy, but I will keep myself pressed to you, you simply have to walk each step with me.. I’m sure we can find a path through the smoke.” She was trying to sound brave and confident but in truth she was scared for the lives of the kits, elder, and queen. “What about the kits?” the elder asked in a cough. “I have them” she said before grabbing the kits, by the scruffs despite the queen’s protest for a moment. The kits were small enough for Hailpelt to carry them both in her mouth by the scruff. She tapped the elder and guided him in his failing sight to the queen, who he grabbed by her own scruff.

Hailpelt made a grunt noise pressing her body against the elder her hip against his shoulders her head pointed in the opposite direction of him as she led and he dragged. The smoke was the biggest issue, but lucky for the elder and queen their heads were close to the ground as they moved through it. Hailpelt did the same as best she could the kits squirming weakly in her mouth her neck down keeping them both under the smoke and off the ground at the same time. “Hold on... Hold on” she thought her heart pounding as she prayed silently to Starclan to get them all through this. She stopped whenever she felt the old Tom slow down, but after a moment he would move again at a good speed. She could not see anymore, the smoke was so thick and it burned her eyes, but she kept going her ears perked up high as she listened for her clan-mates. She just had to make it to the river. Her jaw ached and her legs trembled, she could hear the queen hack a bit, and the elder’s muffled wheezing. But she never coughed and she never hacked; if she dropped the kits she knew she would not have the strength to pick them back up. Her lungs burned, but she kept going.

After what seemed like hours, days even of walking slowly through the solid smoke and burning flames Hailpelt heard the mews of her Clan-mates. A new strength entered her as she heaved her paws to reach them, to be comforted and to know that everyone was safe. After another minute she felt the presence of other cats as they pushed against her supporting her, only to have her collapse on her side letting the kittens drop into the soft grass. The wind had kept the fire and smoke from the river, allowing the cats to not have to cross it. More cats moved in and assisted the Elder and queen. The queen was extremely weakened, and many thought she would have died, but Hailpelt had saved her and the kits which were hungry and coughing slightly, but otherwise they were fine. The elder was still coughing and taken with the queen to be watched over with others who breathed in too much smoke. Hailpelt was taken with them to be watched over, but she did not care if she died, she had saved the past, the present and future warriors of her clan and she was happy with just that.

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