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 Genocide, Death Scythe

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PostSubject: Genocide, Death Scythe   Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:38 am


Nickname:The Perverted Scythe, Geno-Sama

Age: 16

Gender: male


Physical Information

Character Picture:
Genocide, normally has a scepter on him, which can be used as a weapon, at the tip their are sharp pointed blades.

Weapon Appearance: Death Scythe Form #1:
Death Scythe Form #2:

Soul Appearance:
<---it's unknown as to why his soul looks like that seeing how he is a pervert, and other things he seems to have a calm soul, though with a split personality he makes it nearly impossible to fuse with.

Description: Genocide, is seen as a tall person for his age, normally he wares a red jacket, with a black shirt underneath it. When he uses his human stage scythe mode, much like Spirit, thousands of scythes pop out of his skin. Genocide also caries a large like scepter which almost looks like a sword which he caries on his back. This is because, ever since his first meister that he served with, he had to also fight for himself, seeing how he was once a rouge soul weapon. His eyes are normally covered by a red visor like glasses, but it appears his eyes are black
Height: 6ft 2inch (this adds onto the height of the scythe form)
Weight: 145lbs
Eye color:Black or Red it is unknown

Defining Marks: Scars on the back and the right arm from first using the death scythe technique and failing.





Mental State

Personality: Genocide personality is normally a bit perverted when around girls, his old meister used to get agrivated and would yell at him constantly to stop. Genocide also has two split personalities, his perverted side and his calm side which happens to be when he is about to fight, he focuses all his power on the fight, he wants nothing more than to win the battled though he does goof off sometimes, he is a very useful in battle.

Mentality: He is neutral, though perverted at most points, thus making him hard to get along with if you hate those qualities.



Genocide as a child, was abandoned and left out on the streets. Genocide then later on in life would carve a wooden weapon that he would use as a weapon, not knowing that he himself was one. Genocide was often attacked and had to fend for himself for anything such as food, his life, or for shelter. Genocide as a child, still had no knowledge as to what he was, and now as he was growing into his soon to be teen years he had killed two innocent souls. Taking matters into his hands, the Lord Death sent a meister to go to the source of the situation, the miester then talked with genocide, claiming that he was a weapon. Not believing he went to attack till the meister had lifted up her hand in the form of stop, genocide stood their looking at her, as she tried to convince him he was a weapon. He would then believe, following with her to the academy.

Teenage Life:
Genocide as a teenager was paired up with the female who had saved his life, Lord Death was confused with this mater due to the fact that genocide had an odd soul combination. He soon understood as it was for admiration towards her for saving his life. Genocide, soon found out he was a scythe, and was placed under training how to do the basics on the scythe training. His meister, learning how to use the scythe methods. As soon as they picked it up they were sent on their first mission and he was to eat his first soul. The Evil human stood at a great height, and genocide was not very tall at the time, and this was also his first time. Taking shape of his scythe form, his miester, Shikyo had used a basic scythe manuever to kill and destroy the evil human. Genocide reverting back to his normal so called human form, he would grab the soul by the tail, and swallow it whole. Everytime he would eat a soul he would mutter to his meister "I Thank you for such a nice feast" Now after swallowing 99 kishin souls, it was time for killing the witch.

Witch Hunter:
Genocide at this time was now a huge pervert and his miester would always yell at him for it. She would then get annoyed remembering that they were going to have to slay a witch. The fact that annoyed her the most was that Genocide was a pervert around girls, and witches were girls in skimpy clothing most of the time. As they were headed to the witches house, they found themselves in front of a gate with pumpkins lined across it. Genocide would tilt his head kicking the gate open, that suddenly sent a large flash with a witch in their presence. The witch was as his meister, shikyo, had suspected, dressed in skimpy clothing. Genocide then, reacted funny and soon began to act like a pervert, after a swift punch to his head, he formed into his scythe form. She was already annoyed, the witch simply giggled then attacked. As the battle raged on for hours, genocide thought it was best to try the witch hunter. They never tried it before, as they fused their souls together they used the witch hunter, slaying the witch in the last second, as Genocide had formed back to the human form, he walked up to the soul stating "what a shame I had to kill a pretty little lady as her, oh well her soul is now mine." He would eat the soul, soon a burst of energy forms and his body soon gains scythes spiking out of his body. He was now a death Scythe.

Death Scythe:
Now being a death scythe, he was to be separated from his meister, and she was to be given a new weapon to train and ranked as an A Class Meister. Now being in the hands of Lord Death, he is allowed to roam about, and is no longer a student in the academy, though he shows up to say hi to his old meister, or hit on the girls in the academy. Much about his future is unknown but he hopes it will be fun and rather interesting.

Sample Rp
(Ok so here is where you place an rp to show the interaction of your character to the rest of the world. Please make this fair in length but don’t write a book, At least three paragraphs will be fine.)
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Posts : 17
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PostSubject: Re: Genocide, Death Scythe   Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:49 am

For your RP Sample, I will give you a scenario.
You and your meister are surrounded by twenty evil humans. Most of the are completely armed and able to attack from long range. How will you respond while till protecting your meister who has a wound within their left arm?

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PostSubject: Re: Genocide, Death Scythe   Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:30 am

Genocide looks in shock looking at the evil humans and seeing that his meister is injured. He sighs, then thinks for a second, he forms his right arm into a scythe blade, spinning his body in a full circle sending red wave lengths through the area vibrating hitting four of the evil human, killing them. He, then stops smiling as the other evil humans in anger run at him, like that, genocide slipped out the giant scepter on his back, spinning it, slicing into the first evil human who ran at him, then fliping his finger tips, spinning the scepter in his other hand twisting his body, foot in motion triping the next, as another evil human stabs through the tripped one. Genocide then kicks the evil human in the jaw, sliping the scepter into his chest killing him. The total of the others seem to be in a number of 13, he needed to get rid of them fast, he would sigh as he, formed his finger tips into tiny sickles that were attached to chains, he jumped in mid air twisting his body, causing the sickles to slice into all of the evil humans, one by one reverting back into human form, landing back on the ground, he eats the souls one by one and looks at his miester. "Are you, okay?"
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Posts : 17
Join date : 2011-02-22
Age : 24
Location : In your closet with a tazer.

PostSubject: Re: Genocide, Death Scythe   Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:35 am

Beautifully done. Congratulations.

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PostSubject: Re: Genocide, Death Scythe   

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Genocide, Death Scythe
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