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 Akira Hisashi

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PostSubject: Akira Hisashi   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:52 am

Akira Hisashi
Silver Cross

Physical Information
Akira is a thin male with surprisingly thin arms and legs, but despite that, he is actually rather strong, he is also very light, which is a real boost to his job as an assassin.
He has blood red eyes and long silver hair which goes up to his waistline.
Character Picture:

Soul Appearance:
It looks like a normal white soul except it has two red beads in the center.

Akira is a thin male with dark red eyes and long silver hair which reaches to the middle of his back, he wears a high collar shirt with a protective flak jacket over it for protection, on his hands he wears black fingerless gloves with a steel plate on it.

On his lower body he wears black ninja pants with a pair of black shoes.
Height: 5,9
Weight: 65kg
Eye color: Blood Red

Defining Marks: (what stands out on your body. This doesn't need to be filled)


Mental State
Calm, sane, concentrated.
Akira is always very calm and collected, and is also very determined, once he has focused on a goal, he will not give up until he has achieved it, he can also be rather mean towards people who are lazy and people who are cocky.
Akira is a bit hard to get along with, but if you bore through to his feelings he can act rather nice towards people, such as towards his weapon, Kana, he shows great respect for her and harbors feelings of love for her, but he has always been too in denial to admit it.
If Akira considers you as 'Friend' which he will often say to those he likes, (Example "Of course, friend.") Then he will try his hardest to protect them.


Akira was born in a small feudal Japanese building where he lived with his mother and father, Akihiro and Yukari Hisashi, who took care of him until the age of 7, when his father, Akihiro, decided to train his son with ninja weaponry, but, inevitably, due to his young age, he failed to do anything with the weapons he had been trained to use, a sword, a Kusarigama and a gun, which his father gave him, but at the age of 10, Akira was already highly skilled at using these weapons, and learned the rules of Assassination, at the age of 12, Akira was already considered a very skilled assassin, and has assassinated numerous people.

After his mother and father died when Akira was 17, he was adopted by a family who lived inside the DWMA University, where they tought him how to train with numerous weapons so he would be ready to start his job as a Kishin Assassin.

Later on, he was presented to his weapon, Kana, of whom Akira liked a lot, because she possessed all of the weapons Akira had previously trained with.
He now awaits missions to hunt the Kishin.
Sample Rp
Akira woke up in his room in the house of his adopted parents, he jumped out of bed and put on his clothing, slowly putting on his shirt and his Assassin's outfit, he stretched and did a few limb exercises to stretch his muscles a little before he walked downstairs slowly, joining his adopted family in the kitchen. "Hey there son." said Jubei, his adoptive father, Akira let out a polite nod and sat down at the table with the family, before his adoptive mother walked out of the bedroom door in a dressing gown and kissed Akira on his scalp, which made him feel uneasy so he squirmed a bit and made a distressed groan. "Oh come on, it's not that bad is it?" She asked with a joyful smile, of which Akira ignored and focused his gaze on his bowl of hot cocoa, he then heard "AKIRA!!".

Akira cringed at the all too familiar voice of his adoptive brother, Jin, who ran downstairs and literally glomped him, causing his face to fly into the bowl of his searing hot bowl of hot cocoa. "ARRGH! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, IDIOT!?" He shouted, an expression of pure anger as he rubbed his face which burned, he was lucky the bowl had cooled down a bit before this happened, but now his hair was a light brown as some of it fell into the bowl. "Sorry..." Spoke Jin as he looked down, Akira tutted and looked away from him, picking up the bowl of hot cocoa and finishing it in a few gulps before walking over to the sink and washing his stained hair.

After he was finished he walked outside, with Jubei following him, "Ready to train Akira?" He asked, as Akira turned around and nodded, getting into a martial arts stance, which was probably from Taekwondo, which was one of the many hand to hand combat arts he learned.
Akira saw Jubei lunge at him with a wooden sword, but Akira moved swiftly to the side and grabbed his wrist and using a judo arm throw to disarm him, Akira picked up the fake sword and smirked, pointing it at Jubei's head. "Well done kid...You've gotten good...I'm sure Shinigami-Sama will notice your efforts sooner or later..." Jubei said, proud of what he had taught Akira.
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PostSubject: Re: Akira Hisashi   Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:29 am

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Akira Hisashi
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