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 Kana Tsuki

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PostSubject: Kana Tsuki    Kana Tsuki  EmptyTue Feb 22, 2011 11:39 pm

Name: Kana Tsuki

Nickname: Tsuki, Ka-chan

Age: 19

Gender: Female


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Weapon Appearance:



When in plain use, the blade will simply look like a badass yet graceful sword - only once soul wavelength is being charged through the blade in correspondence with Kana, a flame-like extension will appear with the same properties of a whip of flame. Only, it has the same effect of a soul wavelength blasts - as in if used against someone with black blood, it would still cut them and blast soul wavelength through their body.




The gun has two uses aside from Kana's soul wavelength; it can fire off various shots of different purpose, or it could serve as a dagger-like blade when the blade is out.

Soul Appearance:
Kana Tsuki  Soul10
Kana's soul and regular appearance are very similar; from yellow hues to an almost joking and rarely serious appearance. Though in her regular human form, Kana is a small size of 5'5with very graceful and very slim limbs, holding little excess skin. Basically, her very body build is very petit and small except for her height.

For clothing Kana generally wears revealing clothing, though the girl will not stand for perverseness - rather, she would slap a pervert than accept one right away. Despite the pictures above her jacket is actually zipped up to keep it from revealing anything unnesesary. Matching her clothing is her blond hair that has some yellow highlights, that reaches down to her uppermost thigh when let down freely.

Height: 5'3
Weight: 109lbs
Eye color: Turquoise blue

Defining Marks: N/A





Mental State

Being very playful Kana is rarely serious, constantly pulling pranks on others or teasing someone in a light way. Short story short, the girl just loves to have fun, and because of this she always seems to find a way to open people up and become friends quickly.
But she isn't childish in a Patty sort of way - Kana simply does not care much about what people think, sometimes being considered a daredevil because of this. To some Kana may be scary, but that's when she's being stubborn and denying her feelings.

Though Kana does understand when to stop due to her empathy and intuition, those traits also allowing her to have an understanding of another's feelings.
Due to how childish and unserious Kana's personality is, she has a hard time understanding her own feelings... ironic, yes. When confronted with affectionate feelings of her own she tends to be uncharacteristically flustered and uncertain, blatantly oblivious to her feelings for Akira.

Mentality: Sane... the madness has nothin' on me!



Kana's past is literally unknown, even to herself; after suffering a near fatal blow to the head during a forgotten fight the girl had suffered severe amnesia four years ago, during that time only getting brief dreams and memories back. When she awoke in a hospital it was as though she woke for the first time; she remembered all the languages she learned but memories of knowledge had evaded her for about a year before they returned through instinct. Only, it was purely instinct - her knowledge on how she learned those things still evaded Kana.

During that time Kana had desperately tried to search for answers behind who her meister at the time had been and what her life before had been, but no answers arose - the only thing Kana discovered was that she had been on the wanted list for pre-kishin demon weapons. Only months after discovering this the DWMA went in search for her, though once it became obvious that the girl did not remember anything about her previous life she was taken into the DWMA.

Sample Rp

The faintest sound of a falling leaf hitting the green surface of a late summer lake, transparted ripples of water moving outwards away from the vivid green leaf on contact.
Though, a small leaf the size of your thumb wasn’t enough to cause the sound; the same sound of a child falling into a pool clumsily, rebounding across the gloomy night forest. This forest was unusually quiet: except for the sound of struggling and thrashing near the lake shore.
A groan. The sound of cursing in pain. And then… silence.

“Mom?” An innocent, gentle child’s voice called, breaking the deafening silence that had stolen the forest so abruptly. She whimpered, about to fight as she felt a warm hand cover her mouth, though stopped once she recognized the dark colour of the hand, and the smell of her father’s cologne. The girl moved to say something to him, most likely asking where her mother was, her emerald green eyes groping into the darkness that fell over them both.
Turning her so she was facing him, their twin emerald green eyes met – hers were stolen by fear, and his showed that he was serious. Dead serious. The girl stopped moving immediately, trying to stay quiet – when her father was serious, she knew that something was wrong. You could tell by her father’s eye wrinkles: he was rarely serious, and was constantly smiling… when he wasn’t; it was usually over a large matter that he would tell the little girl not to worry about.
Of course she always listened. Until now. Her gut wrenched, a weird feeling rising up in her that she’d later register as fear mixed with worry.
“Where is mom?” She spoke, her voice a low hush.
“I’m going to go see her. You stay put, okay? I’ll be back soon.” He smiled at her, the smile reassuring, despite the uncertainty it held. Truth was, he was very worried – the previous sounds of splashing and struggling pushing his worry further.
The little girl nodded, her black eyebrows furrowing in worry. She was reluctant to let her father go, though she desperately wanted to see if her mother was okay. She wanted her to be okay; she had to believe.

Her father stood up at his full 6’3 and began walking in the direction of where his wife was last at, using the moonlight from the clear sky to his advantage to avoid stepping on anything that would give away his position. Only now did the little girls eyes fall on the bat he was carrying, her feeling of worry and fear growing to the point that she was starting to get restless.
Stepping back into the moonlight falling through the branches of the trees overhead, her raven black hair caught in the moonlight, giving her a look of eerie beautifulness. Though, her mind was not on how she would look underneath the moonlight. As her foot stepped on a branch, she finally noticed just how exposed she truly was.

When her foot came in contact with the branch below, it snapped – the sound that would regularly seem so unimportant and insignificant, was like the sound of a grenade exploding inside of the eerie silence. With a grenade exploding, there is a blast supposed to follow afterwards – though the branch wasn’t a grenade, it had a similar effect.
A shape that the girl didn’t notice earlier with the darkness seemed to spring into motion, darting towards her at a sprint. Her eyes widened, her instincts screaming for her to run.
There are usually two instincts of fear with humans: fight or flight - to attack your source of fear, or run from it blindly controlled by your innermost instincts. This case was simply… flight.
She turned quickly, darting through the forest blindly. At no costs, would she let whoever this was hurt her – she didn’t want to let her parents down by being caught. Never.
Leap over a log instead of tripping. Push a branch out of the way. Ignore getting your nightgown dirty. And most importantly, run.
Her instincts took control of her as she ran as fast as her small legs would carry her, holding an arm in front of her face in case an unexpected branch hit her in the face. Luckily, she knew this forest – her home was practically in the heart of it. Speaking of familiar…
Yes! She thought, a smile breaking across her heart shaped face. The girl recognized this very path she was running down to be a path she and her brother constantly used; referring to it as their “secret hideout” they constantly came here to play.
The girl darted left sharply, almost falling over in the process, her raven black hair in its previous ponytail cascading down her back as the bond fell free. Though this could easily be seen by whoever was chasing her, at the moment she didn’t care: she just wanted to get to a safe place.
The sound of a deep voice cursing was audible, shortly followed by what sounded like a thump of something hitting the forest floor. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion: what had stopped the bad person? At the moment, she didn’t care – she was just glad that she got a chance to escape.
Now she had to keep that chance… easier said than done.

“No!” The girl cried as she tripped over her white nightgown, falling forward onto the dirty path in front of her. Desperately she tried to scramble up to her feet and resume running; unfortunately her arms and legs just wouldn’t obey. It was as if they turned into jelly during the time it took her to fall to the ground – they just wouldn’t budge. “Come on…” She whimpered, her gentle voice echoing through the surroundings.
That shouldn’t be possible – her childish mind knew that much. She was constantly playing in the coves nearby; she knew them off by heart… and knew the fact that every time she yelled “Echo~” that a distant version of her voice would answer back; an echo. Sound bouncing off of walls – of course she was too young to understand that part, but she knew that her voice shouldn’t echo in the middle of the forest.
Unless if she was lost?

“Come out, kid… Stein wants to play…” A voice spoke – definitely a male with a deep voice. The girl had to cover her mouth to avoid whimpering, the knowledge that a stranger was nearby enough to shrug off whatever had befallen her limbs earlier. Silently she began inching forward – the only direction that seemed logical to her, considering that going backwards would only take her closer to the stranger.
When her pale, soft hand came in contact with cold stone, she froze – where was she? She had no idea. Did she make a wrong turn? Where did she go wrong? Biting her pale lower lip she inched forward, concentrating on making as little noise as possible as she tried to stand up.

Until she felt the pressure of a large hand at the back of her skull, causing her to jerk forward, releasing the stranger’s grasp. Unfortunately he groped forward again, grabbing onto her silky, night black hair and gave it a good tug causing the girl to wince softly. Still she tried to stand, her eyes wide with terror as the thought hit her: where was her parents?

“You’re not supposed to run… it doesn’t make things easy, now does it?” He spoke, giving her hair another rough tug while pushing her forward. Another whimper escaped her pale lips, though she refused to speak – she wouldn’t talk to this mean person. Her parents wouldn’t want her to; they’d want her to be a strong girl and be quiet, because eventually the mean person would get tired and move on. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? Be quiet, ignore the bully, and keep your head held up?
A single, translucent tear slid down her pale cheek; she wanted to believe that her parents would save her. She wanted to believe that they would make this stranger go away, and then they would take her into their arms and hug her tightly. Not too long ago did she complain about how she hated how tightly her parents hugged her – she was trying to act tough and what she would call ‘cool’ though only now she realized how much she loved that. She loved the feeling of her parents’ arms wrapping around her and hugging her small, childish body to their chests so tightly she could almost count their heart beats if she really tried.
She loved the sound of her mother’s voice when she sung her to sleep, though she never actually fell asleep – she only pretended to be to find out what her mother did after she was asleep. Unfortunately that never worked out; just as her mother finished singing, she would fall into a sleep, usually filled with dreams of fairytales.

The tear slid down her cheek, and fell – at that moment time seemed to slow down just for her. Her heart felt… warm; if she could give it a colour, she would say it felt like it was golden. Tears that were about to fall down her cheeks held at the threshold of her eye sockets, as if suddenly a flood gate had been placed in front of them – now wasn’t the time to cry. Now was the time to fight.
Suddenly she jerked forward – the stranger’s grip on her hair had loosened as he saw she wasn’t going to fight. Unfortunately for him, he slackened his grip all too soon; quickly the girl bounded down what must have been a cave, using her arms in front of her to keep her from running into any walls. Unfortunately the cave wasn’t too large at all; it wasn’t too long until she ran into the wall, a small cry of pain escaping her lips in the process. At the same time she had bit down on her lower lip; the taste of blood soon filled her mouth, contorting her fear stricken face into a look of disgust.

“Found you.” The girl could almost feel the smirk on the stranger’s face as she heard the sound of footsteps on stone rushing in her direction, her eyes again widening in terror. Her hands were already groping along the wall for a passage of some sort or anything that could be of some use. Soon they found something; a narrow crevice of some sort that she discovered was just her size.
She squeezed over to the back of the crevice, biting back a yelp as she felt cobwebs brush her arms and legs, the feeling of something small crawling on her bare shoulder enough to almost make her want to leave her newfound sanctuary. Almost.

“Gnnh!” The sound of a grunt was heard as the stranger ran straight into the wall the girl was previously at, causing the girls’ breath to catch in her throat. At this moment, she felt the previous feeling inside her heart leave her; it was then she knew that she won. As the feeling left her heart, a new feeling soon replaced it – the feeling of something squeezing her heart ruthlessly, to the point that it was about to burst, but gently enough to keep it still beating painfully. Her hand seemed to move towards her chest on its own until she stopped it – she couldn’t afford to let the stranger know where she was. If she did, she wouldn’t remain victorious for long.

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Jay Sasori Gorgon
Jay Sasori Gorgon

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I nao proclaim you as my weapon. :3
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Kana Tsuki
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